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Installing the Limiting Oxygen Index Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:21

The limit oxygen index tester is an experimental instrument used to determine the oxygen concentration (percentage by volume) required for polymers in the combustion process. The test equipment independently developed and produced by our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has high cost performance and comprehensive after-sales service. The value of the oxygen index of the polymer is the volume percentage of oxygen in the gaseous mixture of oxygen and nitrogen necessary for the substance to burn 50 mm or burn for 3 minutes after ignition.

Applicable standards:

GB/T2406.2-2009, GB/T5454-1997, GB/T10707-2008, GB/T8924-2005, GB/T2406-93, GB /T10707-2008, GB/T8924-2005

Installation steps:

1. After unpacking instrument, lay flat on the work surface.

2. Connect the oxygen-nitrogen gas mixture outlet end behindthe control box with the hose connector at the bottom of the main engine with the plastic reinforced pip included in the random accessories, and secure it with a hose clamp. Note: The nitrogen and oxygen inlet on the back of the control box correspond to the front nitrogen and oxygen adjustment positions respectively, and the mixed gas outlet port is in the middle .

3. Install the oxygen and nitrogen cylinders and the pressure reducing valves on the cylinders. Connect the nitrogen and oxygen connectors on the rear panel of the control box to the outlet ports of the pressure reducing valves of the oxygen and nitrogen cylinders with the plastic reinforced tubes included in the accessories, and tighten secure them with tube clips. Steel cylinders and pressure reducing valves are prepared by the user.

4. Place the large hole diffuser ring pillar vers up and the pillar of the small hole diffuser ring down, then install the burning barrel on the base.

5. Fill glass beads and replace fixtures.

6. The igniter is a specially selected ignition device for ignition, which can adjust the length of the flame. After the ignition gas transported by the user has run out, the user can recharge it (gas for the lighter) or replace it himself.

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