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If you want a high used residual value, the interior of the car also needs maintenance. أداة الاختبار –

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If you want a used car with a high residual value, the interior also needs maintenance

I believe most car owners take great care of their car and will perform regular car exterior beauty projects, but for Have you done any maintenance on the interior? During daily driving, the car interior is more or less affected by adverse external factors, making it dirty. Facing the dilapidated and dirty interior of your car, can you have a good driving mood? A clean, fresh, bright and comfortable driving environment can not only extend the life of the interior, but also effectively improve the driving atmosphere.

The interior should generally be cleaned in this manner

1.Cleaning the seats

First of all, the seat material is roughly divided intofabric seats and leather seats, and it is one of the parts that has the most contact with car owners. A. If the seat is not very dirty, you can use a powerful vacuum cleaner. I am cleaner to clean it. If it is too dirty, you can use a little detergent, such as foam cleaner, spray it on it and brush it with a soft brush, and finally wipe it with a cloth. After wiping the seat surface, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the seat again to absorb any remaining dirt on the surface. It can also absorb excess moisture to dry the seat as quickly as possible and put it into use.

If you are using leather seats, leather is a natural thing, so maintenance cannot be taken lightly. It is best not to use ordinary chemical cleaning products casually. You should use alkaline cleaning products, suchs only with soapy water, and wipe with cotton paper towel after washing. For daily maintenance, in addition to avoiding scratches with sharp objects, attention should also be paid to dust and sun protection. Frequent exposure to the sun will cause the leather to dry out and crack. Another expert opinion is that it is better not to use \"protective agents\" on genuine leather, because these substances will make the leather \"addictive\", should be used regularly, otherwise the leather will be dull and without life, and the main thing is that the \"protective agent\" will not be of much use to the leather.

2.Cleaning the carpets

The carpets are roughly divided into ordinary original car mats, glue mats and all-around car mats. These will be washed for you by external beauty salons, but one thing to note is that after washing,the mat should be dried before use, otherwise it will have odor and easily accumulate bacteria. the large carpet that surrounds the entire car is relatively more beautiful. When it is too dirty, you can use a little foam cleaner to wipe it.

3.Cleaning the car roof

After long-term use, car roofs often accumulate a lot of dust in inconspicuous places, and these places are often not taken care of by daily cleaning . The method of cleaning the ceiling is usual to use a high-power vacuum cleaner and a brush to clean a large area, then use a neutral detergent to focus on cleaning the areas where the dirt is concentrated, and finally clean it thoroughly. However, it should be noted that the filling of the car roof is made of heat-insulating and soundproof materialhealth, which has a strong water absorption capacity. The cloth must be dry when cleaning, otherwise the wet cloth will soak the roof material and it will be difficult to dry completely. The important point is that you need to take good care of the ceiling. If it is scratched or damaged, it cannot be repaired and the only option is to replace the whole thing, which is relatively expensive.

4.Peach wood decoration in the car

Some of the pieces are luxurious. Cars like to use peach wood as the center console decoration. However, many cars will become dull after long use, which is normal. Therefore, in order to keep it bright, you can choose to dewax it regularly to maintain its shine.

5.Maintenance of the dashboard and dashboards

The dashboard is the easiest place toaccumulate dust, and there are very few gaps in some places. It is practically impossible to wipe it with a towel. Therefore, car owners can use a brush to clean it themselves daily. Wipe the dashboard, air conditioner vents, switches, buttons, etc. to prevent dust from accumulating and making it difficult to remove. And it is better to activate internal circulation when you turn on the air conditioner.

Particular attention should be given to the dashboard, especially in vehicles covered with large areas of soft materials. The dashboard is often exposed to the sun. If it is not well maintained, it will be very serious. It is prone to aging, sticky hands, cracking, etc. In this case, it can only be dismantled and refurbished, which is quite expensive. So after cleaning the dashboard we canchoose to spray a layer of vinyl plastic rubber protective agent. It can prevent premature aging, brittleness and hardness.

6.Maintenance of sealing strips

Strips sealant for cars It is very important. Sealing strips can play the role of sound insulation and sealing, so sound insulation strips should be taken good care of. Car owners can clean the oil seals every one or two quarters. Specifically, you can wipe the dust on the slides and grooves with a clean, damp sponge first, and then wipe it again with a dry sponge to keep the seal ring clean. These operations are quite simple and can be easily performed by car owners themselves. Second, the vehicle should try to avoid exposure to the sun to prevent the door seals ands sunroofs will not warp or crack due to heat. If the door and window sealing strips are seriously aged, it will also affect the normal opening of the car windows.


For the maintenance of interiors of car, We must pay attention to the fact that if you want the interior of your car to be like a new car, you must pay attention to maintenance and start with the daily routine. Additionally, when buying detergents, you should also be careful not to buy fake detergents, otherwise they may have the opposite effect. If you think cleaning it yourself is too complicated, you can choose to go to a beauty salon for indoor dry cleaning.