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How to set the number of revolutions of the Taber5135 wear resistance testing machine معدات اختبار

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Product introduction

Taber5135 wear resistance testing machine is suitable for wear resistance testing of leather, cloth, paint, paper, floor tiles, plywood, glass, plastic floor, natural rubber and other materials. Use a standard cutter to cut the sample, specified type of sandpaper, load a certain weight to bear it, take out the test piece after reaching the specified number of revolutions, and observe the condition of the test piece.

The control panel of the Taber5135 wear-resistant testing machine is equipped with various buttons for operating the wear-resistant testing machine.

The dial on the control panel of the Taber 5135 Abrasion Tester allows you to set the number of test cycles to a value less than the maximum value of 99999. cycle or a test circle is defined as a full circle in which the sample is containedcontact with whom the grinding wheel and rotated.

How to set the carrier speed

Press the select test button, upper right corner The red indicator light of the button lights up. Enter the value you want to set using the numeric keypad and then press the OK button. If you enter an invalid value, press the Clear key to clear it, then enter the correct value and press the OK button.

This value is shown on the digital display as long as the light on the button is on. The red light on the button will not turn off until the vacuum select button or the full rotation button is pressed, or the power is turned off.

The full rotation button reminds the operator of completed rotation in the number of turns test. Once the start button is pressed, the button is automatically activated and the system starts counting. The red indicator light of the key in theupper right corner lights up and the digital screen starts to display the number of revolutions of the rotating sample holder (the maximum number of revolutions is 99999).

Start/Stop Test

Press the start button to start the turntable. This action automatically activates the spin complete button, monster carousel holder and vacuum cleaner. The accumulated revolutions are shown on the digital display.

Press the Test Spin button to change the initial spin value. Press the Spin Done button again to continue collecting spins. The sample holder will continue to run until the set value is completed or stopped manually.

The turntable can be stopped, inspected and restarted at any time during the test after inspecting the sample (by pressing the start button) without running the rotation count and rotation pause the digital disc telwedisplay report.

Rotation Complete Reset Button

After the test is complete, reset the rotation completed value shown on the digital display before the next test starts at zero.