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How to maintain the cleanliness of the clean room?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:94

How to maintain cleanroom cleanliness?

A cleanroom refers to parameters such as air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure and noise A room with a better airtightness that is controlled as needed. So, do you know how to maintain the cleanliness of the cleanroom?

1. Keep Positive pressure reading for a clean room.

If the room appears If the negative pressure or positive pressure is lower than that of the adjacent room, the air from the outside and surrounding rooms will infiltrate through the gaps in doors and windows.a higher level of purification is higher than that of other rooms. The cleanliness of the pharmaceutical design is at least 10 Pa higher than that of the no-clean area, and the cleanliness between different cleanliness is greater than 10 Pa.

2. Maintain the rationality of airflow organization in cleanrooms.

If the airflow organization If it is destroyed, not only the temperature distribution in the room will be affected, but also due to too much vortex, the unclean airflow near the corners and the ground will spread to the indoor working space. Therefore, the layout of the workbench and equipment in the air-conditioned room should take into account the rationality of the airflow organization. The equipment cannot block the return air outlet andit is strictly forbidden to move the return air outlet louvers.

3. There should be three levels of filtration in the purification room: initial effect, intermediate effect, and high-efficiency filtration. The management of the purification air conditioner should be strengthened. The staff should adhere to the system and operation regulations to ensure that the indoor hygiene meets the purification requirements.

4. Clean and replace the air filter regularly or regularly. The first effect and medium effect fresh air foam filter should be cleaned regularly. final resistance of the medium effect filter is twice or limited to the initial resistance When the value is high, it must be cleaned When the resistance of the highoutput filter is too large, it should be replaced After cleaning the foam filter , it should be measured.

5. Keep the air conditioning processing equipment and air conditioning room clean.

6. Regularly measure the dust content and the positive pressure value in the room.

According to "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" The fourth part of the 2015 edition and the "Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs (Revised 2010)" (GMP), for Class B, C and D cleanrooms is non-unidirectional flow is used and an H14 high efficiency filter with a filtration efficiency of 99.995%-99.999% is used at the end. filter provides 55 air changes for classB, 25 for class C and 15 for class D, and uses clean air to dilute the air in the room to meet the corresponding cleanliness requirements.

Suzhou As a manufacturer with 30 years of independent research and development and production , Hongrui Purification Technology Co., Ltd. can meet the requirements of clean workshop standards of different levels such as 10,000 and 100,000 and national GMP regulations require a full range of testing instruments and technical support for industries such as microelectronics, biomedicine, hospital operating rooms, fiber optic and cable, food and beverage, precision instruments, semiconductors and new material applications, such as the required "clean environment" for real-time monitoring On-line monitoring system", "air volume hood", "differential pressure meter", "dust particle counter", "plankton sampler" and so onrt when testing from time to time.