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How to improve the anti-pilling performance of fabrics معدات اختبار

Author: Released in:2022-12-05 Click:33

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How to improve the anti-pilling properties of fabrics

The process of fabric pilling is roughly as follows

① Due to , the fibers stretch on the surface of the fabric and form fluff;

②The fluff entangles into balls and is connected to the surface of the fabric by fixed fibers;

③After rubbing, washing, wearing and cleaning During the process, the ball will fall off due to continuous mechanical action.

To improve the anti-pilling ability of fabrics, the main methods are as follows

1. Selecting fibers that are not easily pilled in yarn and fabric manufacturing.

2. Addition of Lubsoft lubricant to prevent friction during pretreatment and when dyeing in the jet dyeing machine;

3. Use of reactive dyes to dye cotton and polyester/fibers in the Crystalline throw-dyeing machinesodium sulfate can be used in place of conventional table salt when using vegan fiber blends.

4. Apply Backing Heat polyester/cellulose fibers and polyester/wool blend fabric to set and properly distribute yarn.

5. Brushing while shearing can remove surface fibers and protruding fibers.

6. Buckling on both sides can eliminate surface fibers and protruding fibers.

7. For polyester and polyester/cellulose fiber fabrics, partial alkaline reduction of the polyester components can reduce the strength of the polyester, so that the pellets are easily removed.

8. For cotton and polyester/cellulose fiber blends, use Cellusof-L; use appropriate biological enzymes to polish wool or polyester-wool blends.

9. Processing polyester/cellulose, polyester/wool fiberse and cotton with the special product. Apply Saraglov-CL in a jet dyeing machine and dry in the dryer to remove surface fibers.

10. The amount should be appropriate to avoid excessive softness and burrs, otherwise it will promote fiber movement to the surface and cause pilling.

11. Equipment with special equipment, eg. B.: Sarafeel-jy/Sarafeel-763, a special silicone compound that can impart softness to fabrics and improve pilling through film formation; Sarasoft-MR Organosilicon Polymer Finisher has film-forming properties and can improve wear resistance; Garfinish-As has anti-pilling and anti-scratch properties and can be added to traditional liquid finish formulations.

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