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How to determine if you want to \”block the car\” أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:94

How to determine whether you want to \"block the car\"

As urban public transportation develops more and more, people\'s environmental consciousness gradually increases, coupled with the rise in transportation prices. gasoline, parking difficulties and fear of traffic. jams, violations, etc. Factors. Nowadays, in many cities, many car owners regard their car as an \"emergency\" item: they only use it when they have urgent things to do or take their family out. have fun during the holidays. They usually just let their cars “sit” quietly. They thought it would. It’s also a kind of “love” for the car. Don\'t you know that not driving it often seriously harms the vehicle?

The dangers of long-term parking of cars

1. Influence on battery charging

The car has been parked in the underground car park and has not been driven for several weeks. , and when I turned it on again, I found that it couldn\'t start the fire. After consulting the 4S store staff, Mr. Li lThe battery was discharged due to parking for too long, which prevented the vehicle from starting normally. In this regard, an auto industry insider said that lead-acid batteries are now generally used in cars, and their characteristic is that they are automatically discharged after the car is stopped. Under normal conditions, battery self-discharge can reduce its power by more than 1% every day and night. What is more serious is that after a long time of battery self-discharge, sulfide will be produced on the surface of the plates, which will affect the charging effect of the battery and eventually cause it to fail. premature rejection.

2. Causes corrosion ofu brake system

If the car is parked for a long time, it will also affect driving safety. Feng Weixing, technical manager of a Buick 4S store, said long-term parking will cause corrosion of the brake system and deformation of the tires. If the vehicle is parked for a long time, the tire will be pressed on one side for a long time, which may cause irreversible deformation, change the weight distribution around the tire and uneven rolling radius, causing the tire to become unbalanced. tire. Once a car enters high-speed driving, the vehicle body vibrates and becomes difficult to control. In addition to accelerating tire wear, this also poses hidden dangers to driving safety.

3. This will cause the oil seals to age.

Oil seal aging is also one of the dangers. Because the vcar is parked for a long time, the contact force around the seal is still uneven. In the direction of greater stress, the oil seal variable will be greater; The longer the vehicle is parked, the more difficult it will be to recover the variable, until the oil seal becomes permanently deformed, making it very easy for oil leaks. Feng Weixing reminded that it is also important to note that long-term parking can easily cause the car\'s electronic components to malfunction. Automotive electronic components and connectors have a common characteristic, that is, they must be waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, otherwise they will cause malfunctions. The electronic components or connectors of a parked vehicle are more likely to be affected by moisture, and the longer the vehicle is parked, the greater the likelihood ofbreakdown is high.

The correct method to \"block the car\"

1. Clean the car thoroughly

If you are sure you want to “store” the car for a long time, you should first thoroughly clean the exterior and interior of the car. Corrosive dirt such as tree sap, bird droppings, mud, etc. must be cleaned to prevent corrosion of your car\'s painted surface. Food, oil stains and other dirt should be wiped from the inside to avoid insects. It is best to put dehumidifying activated carbon in the car to prevent mold in the car.

2. Check the tires for damage

Before parking, check the tires for flats or leaks. In the event of a puncture or leak, repair the tires promptly to avoid losses. Once the tire is inflated, it will deform (which canalso cause deformation of the suspension) and will damage the internal structure of the mesh. Additionally, it is best to increase tire pressure, or have a jack available to slightly raise the car.

3. Start the car every week

When parked for a long time, the most damaging thing is the battery, and batteries are not cheap. If possible, start the car and charge the battery every week (idling is not enough, you still need to drive more, or even drive at high speed, on the one hand it is charging and on the other hand it is to avoid carbon deposits). If this is not practical, put in the battery. Disconnect the negative terminal to prevent it from leaking too much.

4. Check the quality of the oil in the car

It is necessary to check the quality of the oil in the car, especially the oil engine, transmission oil and antifreeze. ItIt is recommendedthat if the car has not been driven for more than six months, it is best to replace all the oil with a new one to prevent the impurities contained in the old oil from corroding the mechanical parts and accelerating the aging. Don\'t worry about this small amount of money. If anything happens to the engine or gearbox, this money cannot be recovered.

5. Choose reliable parking

If you are not going to drive your car for a long time, you need to find a reliable place to park, preferably underground. parking lot or your own house. In the garage it is neither wet nor exposed. It is best to cover the car tightly with car clothing and isolate it from air, sun and water as much as possible.

Finally, I would like to suggest that if you buy a car, you need to exercise more, because in fact, cars are like people, andIt’s really good to exercise more. Drive it for at least 1 hour every week. Even if it has no purpose, just burning oil should guarantee its amount of energy.exercise.