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How to Deal with Common Magmeter Problems

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:53

Common problems and solutions of the magmeter are as follows:

Generally, the faults reported by the user will be:

1. Fluctuation of measured value


2. The measured value is inaccurate

3. There is a middle but the meter shows zero

4. There is no display on the meter or there is display but no output

Common solutions are:

1. The reason for measured value fluctuation may be:

Wiring problem (applicable to new flowmeter installed), usually the shield wire is not properly connected;

p> User\'s process problem may not be sufficient for pipeline (early installation may not meet the installation conditions, and the full pipe should be guaranteed; there is no exhaust valve installed in the pipeline when used later)

If the valve at the efront end of the flow meter is fully open, if not fully open, it may cause fluctuations

Check whether the conductivity is too low, if the conductivity is low, it may cause large fluctuations

Check whether the flow meter is filled with water, if water enters, it can be directly judged as broken.

The quality of the flow meter is problematic. Check if the sensor resistance is normal. Use GS8 to test if the converter is normal. If conditions permit, you can replace it with a normal one.

2. The reason for the inaccurate measured value may be:

User connected the wire wrongly, check the wiring

Check if the serial number of sensor and converter are consistent, if not If it is set, you need to check the pipe diameter, GK, GKL, excitation frequency

If the user closes the branch pipe

If the middle is easyile to scale, if it is easy to scale, it will result in inaccurate measurement

3. The reason why the middle flow meter reads zero may be:

Check whether the connection line is normal, and the midline may be interrupted

Check whether the pipe is full

Make sure the fluid passes through the sensor , check whether the front and rear valves are open

Check whether the conductivity of the user medium is within the appropriate range, if the conductivity is low, check the threshold value Is it too high?

4. The reason why the meter has no display or shows no output may be:

Measure whether the user\'s power supply is qualified

Check the user output wiring If it is correct, use a multimeter to measure if there is current output

Check if the fuse in the converter core is broken (the IFC300 has two fuseses, a power fuse and an output fuse; the IFC100 has a fuse)

Check if the cable between the display and the movement is correctly connected, or the display is broken. If possible, you can use a normal screen to try or bring it back to the company to test.