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How to choose the right friction and wear tester

Author: Released in:2021-09-15 Click:357

Spring and our daily work, life is closely related to many key parts of the spring, the performance is critical, how to identify the performance of the spring, you need special testing equipment - friction and wear testing machine, many companies and factories will be configured with one or more testing machines to test the quality of the spring, but we are in the process of using Will find, in fact, many companies configured testing machine is not necessarily able to fully meet the requirements of the relevant standards, which both the selection of personnel is not professional enough, but also may be due to the time of purchase and full communication with the manufacturer communication, today we will talk about how to choose a suitable testing machine

First, to understand the relevant standards and requirements, we need to test the data are what? In general, the spring test needs to get some of the following parameters.

  • the value of the great force that occurs during the stretching to fracture of the specimen, that is, the tensile strength.
  • the value of the force at which the specimen breaks, that is, the amount of the breaking strength.
  • the value of the force corresponding to the yield point is how much.
  • the value of the force when the specimen is stretched to a given elongation; and
  • the elongation of the specimen when stretched to a given stress.
  • the value of elongation corresponding to the yield point.
  • the elongation of the specimen at fracture.

Second, according to the requirements of the above test parameters, two data are tracked: the value of tensile force and the amount of change in scale. This requires 2 things.

  • a large stroke, as springs tend to have large deformations in tension, to ensure that the gripper has enough stroke before the specimen spring breaks.
  • Accurate distance measurement and recording device, as the important data of the test, requires accurate recording of the measured specimen strain, and instant recording.
How to choose the right friction and wear tester
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Friction and wear testing machine, can be used for a variety of springs and steam springs for conventional mechanical properties index testing, the use of automatic control and data acquisition system, you can achieve data acquisition and control process of full digital adjustment, not only for automotive, petrochemical, spring factory, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic and rubber, engine and other manufacturing industries and product quality supervision departments at all levels, but also for the majority of colleges and universities for teaching demonstration work.