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How to choose a car seat? Qianshilai teaches you how to choose أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:104

How to choose a car seat? Qianshi will teach you how to choose

Although shopping is a pleasant thing, in the eyes of novice drivers, it is difficult to choose the right one among hundreds of models. Which is no less difficult than a national beauty contest. Putting aside factors such as the exterior appearance and layout design of the car, even the car\'s interior seats and other interior parts need to be debated. Is it better to be fabric or real leather? Renrenche used cars will help you. Learn the difference between the two.

Actually, for family cars, the seat materials are nothing more than cloth seats and leather seats. It\'s a bit similar to sofas. Is the sofa in your home fabric or leather? Renrenche used car recall: fabric seats are made of fiber as the main materialL. Even if they seem a little worn, their breathability is very good. For drivers who drive often, there is nothing better. It\'s more comfortable to have ventilation under the buttocks. The air conditioner temperature is set too low for the body and too high for the buttocks. Renrenche reminder on used cars: in addition to better breathability, fabric seats have the following two obvious advantages:

1. Scratch resistant and will not age

If there are naughty children at home, especially boys who like to be naughty and are not honest in the car , they will be punished. Today, many friends like to keep cats and dogs as pets. For these animals, they don\'t care about the price of the car, they only care about how their paws feel. Think about it: if you put your paw on it, will your leather seat be better?

2. The friction coefficient is large and will not slip

If you have a leather sofa at home, you will definitely have this experience, lounging on the sofa \"Ge You Lie\", once your body relaxes, it will definitely slide slowly, because the leather is too smooth. Renrenche used car recall, for the same reason, car seats not only satisfy our comfort, but above all, they are safe. Cloth seats are relatively rough because they are made from a fibrous material, which helps to better ensure a comfortable ride. stability.

Everything has pros and cons. Since fabric seats are made from fibers, the gaps between the fibers become an obstacle to cleaning the seats. Renren second-hand car reminds that once drinks, milk, etc. are sold. enter the seats, we can\'t do anything but regarder sink into the seats.

Objectively speaking, leather seats have a better texture, especially the leather seats of some luxury cars. They are soft and comfortable and ideal for long distances. This type of comfort is what fabric seats cannot do, it is also the biggest advantage of leather seats. Renrenche\'s used car tip: Leather seats break very easily. Either way, you only need a cloth and a bottle of leather cleaner at most. Regular maintenance can also prevent leather from aging. Renrenche points out that the biggest problem with leather seats is that they are scratched and relatively fragile. Due to their poor air permeability, there have even been cases of car owners burning their legs after opening the door and sitting on it in summer. It\'s not unimaginable. SeAccording to measurements, leather seats can easily reach 60°C under the sun. They are prone to high temperatures and have poor air permeability, requiring air conditioning to solve this problem.

In general, the best cars will have a cooling function. seat ventilation, which also compensates for the shortcomings. of the poor breathability of leather seats in terms of configuration.

Renrenche used car recall: leather seats are not equal to real leather seats. Some manufacturers are also very smart in their promotion and do not deliberately emphasize leather seats. I hope everyone can see clearly that instead of a set of poor quality leather seats, it is really better to get a set of cloth seats with better breathability.