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How the piston pump is built

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:173

Axial piston pump is a power element in high pressure, large displacement and variable displacement hydraulic system because of its high pressure, large flow and easy variable displacement.

It is of great importance to analyze the kinematic connection of the components of the axial piston pump, and to do its theoretical motion analysis and planning of the axial piston pump .

is computer software for mechanical systems. As a plug-in, it can help designers to use the already established 3D model for movement.

Compared to today\'s mainstream 3D software, it can perform kinematics and dynamics on messy mechanical systems and get the motion of every component in the system, including the displacement, velocity, acceleration, etc.

Functions can be output in various forms such as animationss, graphs, tables, etc., and the chaotic load conditions of parts subject to chaotic motion can also be directly output to traditional finite element analysis software;

An accurate strength and structural analysis is then performed, which can be used to modify the structural plan of the part or adjust the material of the part.

Axial piston pumps have a total of rotary seals, flat seals, cylindrical seals, universal seals, ball joints, fixed seals and movable seals, which must be based on the practice of axial piston pumps Add an appropriate link pair according to the situation;

When you enter the interface, the system will automatically convert the current connection of the device into a bond connection, and just change it as needed;

Instead of setting the binding toFrom scratch, if the equipment contact practice set in the equipment body does not need to be changed, then the main kinematic pair should be set according to the practice situation.

Here, the main drive shaft of the axial piston pump should be set as the input shaft, and its speed is 900r/min. After defining the material and other characteristics and stress conditions of each component, the movement can be performed.