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High frequency reciprocating tribometer Nanove sliding wear tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:29

High-frequency reciprocating tribometer Nanove plane sliding wear tester can perform accurate and repeatable friction and wear tests. Tests can be performed in rotational and linear modes, in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards.


High Frequency reciprocating tribometer Nanove plane sliding wear tester can perform accurate and repeatable friction and wear tests. Tests can be performed in rotational and linear modes, in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards. At the heart of this product design is a high-performance motor equipped with a 20-bit position encoder, and the rotational speed of the friction gauge ranges from 0.01-2000 rpm.

The speed can make a step jump or change continuously quickly. This is very useful for obtaining Stribeck curves or studying the behavior of static coefficients. Data can be recorded accurately at intervals of time and position (>0.006°). The motor also has an integrated self-calibration system that guarantees that the speed can be kept calibrated over time.

High Frequency Reciprocating Tribometer Nanove Plane Sliding Wear Tester To meet the conditions of the actual environment, the tribometer has an acrylic housing and a connecting valve to prevent inertia and other gases standards to be introduced for controlled environments. An optional humidifier and dehumidifier module is available for precise humidity control. A large mobile oven is adjustable up to 900°C during the centrifuge test. In addition, full immersion testing can also be performed for wear and/or corrosion studies. The lubrication system can fall through drops or a continuous jet of liquid. A heating probe can also be usedused to heat the liquid that gives control up to 150°C.

To accurately measure the amount of wear marks, a non-contact optical profiler module was used to quantify the wear rate in a quick and convenient way without moving the sample. This demonstrates the unique function of different wear rates measured in the same test. Optional mobile imaging allows recording of sample surface condition before and after testing. Because friction tests often take a long time and require a continuous and open area, a unique tribometer is preferable to a so-called \"universal\" test system. The solid, high-quality design enables Nanove to offer the longest warranty in the industry.


Micro Tribometer
100mN-40N load, micro precisionHigh, linear and rotary modes, wide range of environmental conditions, continuously open platform
Macro Tribometer
Load from 0.5N-500N, most robust design, accurate measurement of high load friction, wide range of geometric tests
T3/Automated Nano to Micro Abrasion Testing
Low price, fully automatic touch screen, compact design, *production application
The Nanovea tribometer can measure both rotational and linear on a single system Friction and wear, temperature, atmosphere and fluid control and other conditions. Tribology is an important study in almost all industries including automotive, aerospace, metallurgy, machining, coatings, medicine, biomedicine, the environment and many other fields

Rotating fixed table (tested under ASTM G99 and alternating circular motion)
Linear component mounting (meets ASTM G133 linear reciprocating test)
LVDT The system can perform wear depth measurements
Wear measurementof non-contact optical profiler module
Complete lubrication module (mode: drop by drop mode)
Liquid lubrication test cup
Liquid canister heated to 150°C
Friction-corrosion tool
Electrical contact measurement
Humidity control system (humidifier, dryer and humidity controller)
Temperature simulation system
High temperature metal plate (up to 300°C)
High temperature module (furnace 700°C, test point 625°C)
High temperature module (furnace 1000°C, test point 900°C)
Digital mobile imaging system
Optical analyzer for three-dimensional analysis

Rotating micron macro
Maximum load 40N 200N/500N
Normal force(1)1N,(2) 2N,(1) 5N,(1)10N,(1)20N (2)5N,(2)10N,(1)20N, (1)50N,(1)100N
Load Resolution 30mN 125mN
Rotation Speed ​​0.01 -2000rpm 0.01-2000rpm
Maximum Torque 1.27N m 18.6N m
Maximum friction +/-20N +/-125N //+/-250N
Friction resolution (theoretical)0.6mN 3.81mN/ 7.63mN
Friction resolution 0.75mN 4.75mN/9.5mN
Control radius X-axis electric meter 50mm 50mm
X-axis beam resolution 2.5 μm 0.25μm
Instrument size 60×39×62cm 94×95×58cm
Weight 67Kg 185Kg
Disc size 100 mm 100 mm

Linear speed: up to 140 mm/s, stroke length: 0- 35 mm (adjustable), full stroke frequency: 2 Hz, maximum frequency: 40 Hz
LVDT depth
maximum displacement: 1 mm, resolution (noise floor): 0.1 μm
High temperature rotation :
Maximum temperature: 700-1000°C (accuracy +/-1°C), oven size: 250mm×70mm
Linear high temperature:
Maximum temperature: 300°C (accuracy +/ -1 ℃)
Lubrication cup:
Linear cup inner size: 54×90×40, rotating cup inner size: 100×30mm
Liquid heating:
Maximum temperature: 350℃( Accuracy + /- 1℃)
Resistive contact detector:
Zu maximum resistance: 0-1000MΩ
Optical profile:
Zu maximum scan length: 50mm
Height range: 100μm
Height resolution: 1.2nm
Lateral resolution: 3μm
Digital mobile imaging:
Resolution: 1280×1024 (1.3 million pixels)
Magnification: 10x-230x