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High-efficiency five-axis machining technology for automotive interior parts molds

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:43

High-efficiency five-axis machining technology for automobile interior parts molds

Aiming at the current requirements of automobile interior parts mold manufacturers to improve efficiency and cost reduction, the use of CAM software is evaluated in stages and expanded to different types Mold manufacturing enterprises are mainly oriented towards improving processing efficiency, improving programming efficiency programmers and reduced operating costs of tools and equipment, thus making CNC delays in molding shops a history. The author of this article synthesizes the application experience of many mold manufacturing enterprises, and hopes to introduce, promote and implement some of the achievements and experiences of successful users of Delcam-based software systems, and advocate functions professorto solve professional problems. Delcam application innovation can be successfully applied not only in FAW Mold Center, Zhongshan Zhihe, Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon, etc., but also in other companies who want to improve manufacturing quality and efficiency of mussels. Based on the fact that a large number of automobile interior part mold manufacturers have purchased Delcam PowerMILL and abandoned the traditional CAM system, the author has drawn some conclusions at each stage of production to improve the overall efficiency of the mold programming and manufacturing efficiency:

1. Low intelligent knowledge base manufacturing systemé on a software system

Customized and developed based on PowerMILL\'s unique BathMILL function, with intelligent functional electrodesamming automation program, this project has been successfully applied by Delcam user Zhongshan Zhihe for many years, and its status application in automobile interior parts mold manufacturing enterprises is also very optimistic. The electrode programming has been programmed by more than 10 people in the past, and now it is programmed by 3 people. The effect is remarkable. Conservative data improves programming efficiency by more than 100%. The main characteristic of the project is to manage all knowledgethese and programming experiences in the form of a database, and effectively transfer the experience, while simplifying the learning time, operators can basically master it in a day. This project was completed using 3 sets of Delcam PowerMILL products.

Based on the above application, discuss with the relevant managermany CAM department staff of many manufacturers to further expand the core of the mold Automatic programming, database-based enterprise machine tool library settings and mold library settings that hope to improve the quality and efficiency of mold making, and further promote and improve theprocess. operation based on basic programming. Experience and methods of dealing with human responsibility, process programming will solve most human errors and effectively avoid equipment safety accidents.

1. The design of the electrodes is associated with the programming of production in the workshop. Delcam\'s electrode design products are based on existing electrode designs. More than 20 people. Use and promote this project, use this professional function to automatically generate electrode extraction, automatic extension and supplement, automatic electrode management (structured data such as HTML, XML, EXCEL),automatic material preparation diagram, automatic discharge position diagram, automatic clamping system (system_3R, Erowa, Hirschmann), automatic collision processing, automatic open area surface generation, automatic calculation of the discharge area, etc. , conservatively improves design efficiency by 30%. efforts to actively implement. Professional functions solve professional problems, and are also necessary measures and steps in the manufacturing process (successful users Guangzhou Maoze, Gree Air Conditioning, Dongguan Yichang, etc.).

2. Discharge from the EDM workshop The purpose of automatic generation and applicationThis process is to solve the problem that in the past most people thought Electrical machining was a black science, there was no way to control processing time and EDM delays were common problems in mold manufacturing companies. Delcam\'s Professional Electrode Design Module is open to Dedicated Customers. The interface allows users to easily program their own spark machines and automatically generate spark machine programs based on different discharge conditions to ensure that the working conditions of spark machines are controllable and eliminate black holes. . This function is suitable for companies that want to improve the quality and efficiency of mold making. Relevant personnel have communicated and demonstrated that the need for implementation is very urgent. At the same time, the design modulen of Delcam electrodes can automatically generate different discharge areas, different roughness requirements, different discharge sequences, etc. At this stage, the electrode design system has a complete AGIE electric spark program and prThe processing documents can effectively control the whole discharge process. Targeting the Sodick equipment of automotive interior mold manufacturing companies, Delcam carried out the project in cooperation with companies that want to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing.

3. With the increase of 3+2 axis and five continuous axis equipment in part mold manufacturing companiesautomotive interiors, most mold companies have been constantly trying and making choices. Most mold companies have encountered five-axis application problems, such as collision, excessive cutting, difficulty in learning five-axis programming, slow software calculation speed, basic functions weaknesses of the five-axis three-axis software and it has the ability to process large models (such as direct reading of PART models from CAD systems of UG, PRO/E, CATIA, etc., which are over 200MB). Given the current state of CAM software, this not only solves the problem of whether it can be programmed, but I believe that at this point all CAM systems have basic programming capabilities. Today, auto interior mold manufacturing enterprises have put forward higher requirements to improve efficiency and reduce costs, such as improvingoration of programming efficiency and operation efficiency of machine tools (related information: personnel related to Dongguan Mingli Steel. It is evaluated that the operational efficiency of machine tools with the same long path of Delcam PowerMILL can be improved by 15-20%). The relevant solutions will be safe, fast, improve the operational efficiency of machine tools and eliminate the problem. They are resolved in terms of personal responsibility and safety guarantee (relevant personnel in the CAM programming room of companies who want to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing).ng commenting that the use of PowerMILL can sleep comfortable), the above points are necessary conditions for the digital manufacturing process. The CAM room of the automotive interior mold manufacturing company has several engineers using CAM in severals branches, so that efficiency and quality can be reproduced, and the knowledge system is used to create value for the automobile interior parts manufacturing company. The following molds are high-quality molds processed by Delcam customers using the Delcam PowerMILL high-speed five-axis system.

A real image of the mold processed by PowerMILL

2. Large-scale mold processing technology for automobile bumper dashboard

1. Data conversion: for programming interior decoration moldslarge-scale automobile, bumper and other products, communicate with relevant personnel of CAM Group of a strategic enterprise of an automobile interior mold manufacturing company, Mold programming for large interiors automobiles, bumpers and other products is an important manifestation and an important option of CAM application level. Delcam has served Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon, Jiangyin Wanqi, Zhongshan Zhihe, Aerospace Molding, Taiwan Foxconn and other similar product manufacturers for a long time. The first consideration is the transplantation of successful experience, and then according to the companies who want to improve the quality and the efficiency of mold manufacturing, make the necessary innovations according to the current situation. For the design and processing of automobile interior parts and the extraction of electrodes. , we also reiterate a concept, professional functionsnal to solve professional problems, automotive mold orders include domestic and international orders, and the data formats include UG, CATIA, PRO/E, IDEAS, etc. Data, the amount of data is very large, generally the bumper mold may need about 300 million data, many CAM processing will have problems, and there will be problems with multiple platforms. Delcam has a complete data processing solution, including robust CAD data processing and analysis capabilities for CAD model processing, surface poor repairs, electrode operation, electrode zone filling , etc. Processing automotive interior parts, a large number of deep cavities and micro areas require safe, high-precision processing and efficient material removal. They must have excellent stratum support3-axis, 3+2-axis high-speed machining, five-axis safe functions and a complete toolpath editing system (complete separation of toolpath editing from programming environment is very dangerous).

Delcam company can directly use PRT models from UG, PRO/E, CATIA, etc., avoiding the need for data. Data from model conversion is lost. At the same time, Delcam Powershape can solve many problems. problems in surface descriptions converted via intermediate formats (IGS, STP, etc.), such as gaps, incorrect clipping surfaces, overlapping surfaces, etc. ; spaces are the source of wastehigh precision mold, and gaps may be the cause. Most CAD software does not have automatic deviation processing tools for tool jump, machine tool vibration, ripple generation, etc. First, the CAD software handles them more sensibly. At the same time, the CAM software has strategies for dealing with deviations, tolerance connections and tool lifting.

2. Model Analysis: Learning from Delcam\'s Success Comprehensive clients Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon, Taiwan Xunlong, Zhongshan Zhihe, Yichang Mold, Aerospace Molding, Huangyan Shenji, Huangyan UK, Germany, France, South Korea\'s Hyundai Motor Company and other service experiences, area analysisclosed angle, the application of model analysis such as processing technology determination, electrode technology determination, five-axis machining technology, etc. are of great importance.

Compare and analyze same area on the left and right of the model. In the process of mold programming, different model versions will cause fatal errors, according to the exchange of the mold company manager who made mistakes, crazy molds with high requirements, severe repair processes such as welding are not allowed, and the direct loss is between 1 million and 2 million, of which the material cost will be 30 to 100 Wan, allerror in large molds is not allowed. br style=\"padding: 0px; margin: 0px auto; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font family: Chanson; font size: 16px;\" />
The layout and extraction of electrodes based on the manufacturing process, the automatic shape of electrodes and the generation of projects are automatically generated in the programming environment, and the collision area in the design of the electrode is auto processed, collision auto trim, auto trim and gap generation.

The software must have the label ofarea after extracting the electrode and filling the surface of the electrode extraction area for convenience. Treatment scheduling process; process management can extract the relevant information and integrate it into the enterprise management system, so that the whole work process and results can be realized by the quality tracker, forming a closed-loop system manufacturing information, functional manufacturing programming, based on company knowledge. Load capacity and software opening can be realized.

3. Processing programming: A 3-5 axis CAM system that can be used safely with short training is suitable for companies who want to improve the quality et the efficiency of mold making. ., to avoid personnel training, personnel costs, training costs and losses caused by departure of personal software application, etc. From a staff training perspective, it is necessary that the software be easy to learn and use, be highly secure and have the ability to transfer experience. “Programming is also a production line, and anyone can do it.” \", classification of application personnel levels, planning process of senior application personnel, general programmers as operators, etc. These are precisely one of the advantages of Delcam PowerMILL. Safety, ease of learning and use and the transfer of experience can all be effectively met, and it is said that at that time, companies hoping to improve the quality and efficiency of mold making could see the results.Delcam PowerMILL application status for automated electrode processing. Software application atmosphere talked about Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon, Jiangyin Wanqi, Chengdu Aerospace Molding and a large number of Taiwanese and Hong Kong investors, well-known foreign companies are all worthy customers.

The programming supervisor of a certain unit purchased a high-speed five-axis machine tool. After a while, he developed a simple and elegant design. An incisive summary: \"Nowadays, when programming bumper molds, programmers cannot work without shaking their heads.\" \"Head shaking\" here refers to the use of technologyDelcam PowerMILL\'s five-axis programming technology and use of advanced five-axis simulation technology to control programming. Simulate the process to avoid mistakes. Delcam PowerMILL\'s full-process zero-overhead technology is also unique among many CAM software programs. Delcam is the only software publisher in the world with a CNC machining workshop, capable of effectively testing the developed products and judging after calculating the program. and the pattern or relationship betweenBetween the path, the blank, and the remaining blank.

Aimed at the application of new mold processing technology for bumpers and dashboards, the special function of milling indiving is suitable for steep wall areas to be treated. High machining precision avoids cutting tools and greatly improves machine tool efficiency and processing quality.

It is also worth mentioning that PowerMILL\'s five-axis automatic interference avoidance function ensures maximum guarantees. The program is reasonable and effective, and the method is described as follows. PowerMILL\'s integrated processing allows the tool to automate. Automatically adjust tool loss to a safe position. The programmer can set the collision distance arbitrarily, and there are few software programs that can automatically adjust the five-axis tool vector to ensure that acollision does not occur. Not much, PowerMILL\'s automatic avoidance technology supports a full range of tools such as end mills, nose mills, ball mills, taper ball mills, etc. as shown below:

It is better to use auto-avoidance and not to use auto-avoidance. PowerMILL can still handle complex situations

4. On-machine inspection technology of CNC machine tools: quality control of large-scale mold manufacturing processes. At present, most domestic casting enterprises rely on the standard theory of CNC machine tools. Wrong, without the necessary evaluation of the processing mold, with a large number of foreign orders, more advanced quality control technology will be required, Delcam OMV technology as a complete set of measurements with afull CAD design model and the actual processing model The system, online quality control of CNC machining, as a future-oriented application, really shows the differentiation of the company. The system relies on Delcam products to operate and large molds are separated from processing equipment for inspection. If there is a problem, it will return to the processing machine for repair. The following article will explain the system online detection of mold CNC machine tools, the principles of online detection and realization of electrode processing, and strive to apply advanced technology to advanced enterprises.

On- CNC machine tool inspection technology is an advanced manufacturing technology highly valued and respected by Delc.i work in the aerospace industry. ForIn large-scale automotive mold manufacturing, this technology can well reflect efficient five-axis machining. The benefits of complete control over the manufacturing process, preventing CNC machine tools from \"dealing with waste undetected\". Online quality control of CNC machine tools to compare steep walls and other research surfaces with CAD models is especially important for large-scale mold making.

3. Summary:

In rDue to lack of space, we cannot discuss more details about automobile data processing. Previous parts. With the development of modern software technology, cutting tool technology and machine tool technology, the production of mold enterprises Manufacturing capacity has been greatly improved. However, in the face of fierce competition in the market, it is a fact that all companies will face developing and expanding their business, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Applying new products and technologies is the most important way to improve productivity. Adoption Advanced CAM technology provides technical support for efficient NC processing programs, safe NC processing programs, intelligent knowledge base manufacturing systems and quality control for processingment of auto interior parts moulds, further improve the company\'s production capacity and shorten the delivery cycle, as well as new CAM technology, cutting tool. Technology and machine tool technology advance and develop together.