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Heating circulator temperature control analysis

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:54

Heating circulator is a temperature control device which is often used in reactor, so how does heating circulator control the temperature? What kind of principle is used for temperature control?

The heating circulator requires precise control of the temperature of the liquid in the system. Usually it is heated by heat transfer oil and cooled by compressor, complete with microcomputer PID automatic adjustment and precise temperature control. The temperature of the heating circulator stabilizes at the desired setpoint temperature.

Heating circulators are usually equipped with a highly stable platinum resistance PRT or other temperature sensors, which are used to realize the functions of temperature control and cooling respectively. automatic protection of the heating circulator.

Controlur of the heating circulator uses a special noise suppression circuit, so that it can detect the small resistance change required by the high stability heating circuit;

An AC bridge is used inside the instrument to measure the temperature to reduce the thermoelectric potential, and a customized, high-precision, low temperature coefficient resistor ensures the short-term and long-term temperature stability of order.

The manufacturer of the heating circulator will arrange the corresponding debugging work before leaving the factory. Factory debugging can eliminate the influence of overshoot, so that the heating circulator can quickly reach its relatively high temperature after reaching the temperature set point. High temperature stability.

A key factor in the reliability of a heated circulator is the technologye of the heat port.

It installs the refrigeration spiral tube and the sandwich-shaped heater on the side of the stainless steel cylinder of the heating circulator;

The bottom of the steel cylinder becomes the heat exchange port through which most of the heat enters and exits the heating circulator. A good insulation design around the steel cylinder minimizes heat leakage.

There are some differences in the configuration of heating circulators from different manufacturers. Pay attention to discrimination when using them, and start and operate according to the instruction manual of the heating circulator.