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Good or Poor Wear Resistance Of Leather Shoes

Author: Released in:2019-10-23 Click:1323

      Leather shoes commonly known as the skin, it refers to the contact with the ground heel parts, is the main force on the soles of the components, because of its gravity in the human body and the frequent friction with the ground, so shoes wear resistance to wear shoes Comfort, stability and service life have an important impact. Recently, often due to poor wear resistance of leather shoes and wear resistance performance is not uniform and caused by the phenomenon of sprain and fall, women's high heels is the hardest hit. So women in the selection of shoes when more and more careful, wear resistance of shoes has become one of the important factors to be considered. Therefore, the wear resistance of the shoes with the surface has seriously affected the safety and health of people wearing shoes.

So far, China's current standard for shoes heel QB / T3643-1999 "leather heel surface" in the wear resistance of the heel surface with GB / T 3903.2-1994 "universal inspection method of footwear wear test method" standard Method, but in practice, with the national standard method to test certain materials (especially women's shoes with the surface) can not produce wear marks or wear marks in the gear is not clear, and thus can not get quantitative results. Therefore, the method does not accurately reflect the leather shoes in the face of the actual wear in the wear and tear, can not give the enterprise to play a clear guiding role.

Therefore, many companies choose their own appropriate test methods to wear leather shoes on the surface of the test, and some companies to develop their own corporate standards, developed a new wear resistance testing methods, and developed the relevant test equipment, the results Resulting in the performance of the shoes with the surface wear resistance of the variety of data, the system, the data between enterprises is not comparable to the manufacturers, buyers, quality regulators and consumers have brought great inconvenience. At the same time, because there is no uniform way, the market to sell the measured shoes with the wear resistance of the instrument is also by the manufacturers to design and production, a wide range, uneven. Therefore, the development of a reasonable leather shoes with the wear resistance of the test method without delay.

At present, the wear resistance test of the sole material is usually GB / T 3903.2-2008 "universal test method of wear resistance of footwear," GB / T 9867-2008 "vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber abrasion resistance determination (rotary roller Abrasion machine method ", GB / T 1689-1998" Determination of abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber (with Akron abrasion machine) ", ASTM D1630-2006" NBS rubber abrasion performance "and by a number of enterprises and quality control departments used in high-speed rail Company Tianpi wear test method and other five kinds of test methods. Which GB / T 1689-1998 "vulcanized rubber abrasion resistance determination (with Akron wear machine)" is the scope of application of vulcanized rubber, is not applicable to the current widely used plastic shoes soles and polyurethane materials. The ASTM D1630-2006 "NBS rubber wear performance" method requires a large sample size, many women's noodle area can not be achieved, and requires the sample surface is flat, the general soles are difficult to meet the requirements, so this method is not suitable Wear test of heel surface material.