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GB5455 Vertical Flameproofing Tester Experiment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:98

The vertical flame resistance tester is a test equipment independently developed and produced by our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. It is cost-effective and suitable for measuring the resistance of flame retardant fabrics, knitted fabrics, coated products, laminated products, etc. Flammability, according to GB/T 5455-2014, GB/T 5455-2014 specifies test methods for determining the flame retardant properties of various flame retardant textiles, which are used to determine the tendency of textiles to continue to burn, smolder and char.

Main parameters:

1. Sample size: 80mm × 300mm;

2. Ignition time: 12 seconds;

3, Igniter size: Φ11mm;

4. Continuous burning time and slow burning time: 0-999.9 seconds;

5. Flame height: 40mm high;

6. Gas used: propane or butane or liquefied petroleum gas.

Principle of the test:

Place a sample of a certain size under a specified burner and ignite it, measure the After the specified ignition time, after-flame, smolder time and sample damage length.

Sample requirements:

1. The sample must be measured from a position at 1/10 width of the selvedge. Sample size is 300mm X 80mm. Parallel to the (longitudinal) or latitudinal (horizontal) directions.

2. For each sample, take five samples from the warp direction and the weft direction (longitudinal and horizontal). Warp direction (longitudinal) samples cannot be taken from the same warp yarn. taken from the same frame.

3. The sample should comply with the provisions of GB6529, in the secondary standard atmosphere, that is, the temperature is 20°C ± 2 °C, hurelative midness is 65%±3%, and it is placed for 8-24h depending on the thickness of the sample until it reaches equilibrium. Then take it out and put it in a sealed container, or handle it according to the terms agreed by all parties involved. Arbitration tests must be placed for 24 hours.