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Gas Selection for Automotive Interior Materials Flame Retardancy Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:124

The flame retardance tester for automotive interior materials is used to measure the burning performance of textile fabrics in the horizontal direction. It is mainly used to qualitatively assess the flammability of single materials or laminated composite materials used in automotive interiors. Developed and produced test equipment for seat cushions, seat backs, seat covers, seat belts, head restraints, armrests, convertible top, all decorative coverings, dashboards, glove boxes, interior cargo shelves or rear window sills, curtains, floor coverings, etc.

Complies with standards:

GB 8410, ISO 3795, FMVSS 302, DIN 75200, SAE J369, ASTM D5132, JIS D 1201, AU 169

Principle of the test:

Clamp the sample horizontally on the U-bracket, ignite the free end of the sample with a flame.even from a specified height in the combustion box for 15 seconds, then determine whether the flame ignited the sample is extinguished, or when it is extinguished, as well as the ddistance the sample burns and the time it takes to burn that distance.

Main parameters:

1. Gas selection: liquefied petroleum gas, also available burning calorific value 35MJ/m3 ~38MJ/m3 of other combustible gases (such as natural gas, town gas)

2. Flame application time: 0-999.9s ±0 .1s adjustable

3. Delay burning time: 0-99h59m59.99s±0.1s, manual start/pause

4. Test wind speed: 0.10m/s ~0.30m/s.

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