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Function test of non-woven fabric water absorption performance tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:105

Nonwoven Water Absorption Performance Tester is used to test the liquid absorption of nonwoven/nonwoven materials under constant pressure and compare their water absorption properties, but is not used to simulate the actual conditions of use of the final product.

Test principle:
Place the sample on a porous plate. The porous plate is connected to the liquid level in the tank via a siphon. On the upper surface of the porous plate, the pressure absorption capacity of the tissue is obtained by measuring the change in the mass of the liquid reservoir over time.

Test standard:
According to the provisions of GB/T 24218.12-2012, determine the pressure water absorption of fabrics non-woven

Associated terms:
Maximum absorbed mass (Af):
The mass of liquid absorbed bythe sample until time Tf, in grams. The variation in the mass of liquid absorbed when the sample reaches Tf aand the mass of liquid absorbed 5 s before reaching Tf is less than 1% of the mass of liquid absorbed at Tf.
Compressive absorption capacity (DAC):
The ratio of the maximum absorption mass Af to the mass of the sample m, in grams per second.
Maximum Absorption Rate (MAR):
Maximum change in mass of liquid absorbed in a unit time interval, in grams per second.

Testing steps:
1. Use hydrophobic double-sided tape to stick the hydrophobic foam pad to the weight so that the foam pad can be replaced at any time.
2. Prepare 5 samples with a diameter of (55 ± 1) mm cut from the same sample (which must first undergo humidity conditioning treatment).
3. Add water to the rtank so that the water surface does not cover the bottom of the glass tube; add water from one end of the funnel to fill the water tube, then block one end of the glass tube with your right hand, and at the same time use the other hand to push the funnel.d water until the water surface is flush with the surface of the funnel, then cover the porous glass plate to the top of the funnel, wipe the surface of the porous glass plate with a clean cloth and dry, then place the test sample on the porous glass plate and cover it with a cylindrical weight; Adjust the outer surface of the upper end of the horizontal part of the U-shaped tube to be (40 ± 0.5) mm higher than the liquid level in the tank.
4. Turn on the computer
5. Select the language and enter the testing interface
6. Fill in the sample number, indicate the mass of the tested sample, sSelect the standard absorption rate (or high absorption rate) and click the Experiment button.
7. Click the Start button to start the test
8. After the test, click on the Save button
9. Click the data button on the left side of the screen to view the recorded data
10. Calibration
If testing is frequent, calibration is required every two days. The calibration includes two parts: multiwell plate flow calibration and electronic balance calibration. Multi-wellplate calibration Click the calibration button on the left side of the screen and select Multi-wellplate calibration.
11. Measuring method:
Use a needle to draw 11ml of deionized water, install the plastic clamp on the top of the funnel, then pour 11ml of deionized water into the clamp and check whether the flow of the porous plate on the page is within the range of2.5 to 3.5 g/s.
12. Electronic Scale Calibration
Click the calibration button on the left side of the screen, select electronic scale calibration, and then follow the interface prompts.

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