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Fully automatic fabric air permeability tester QS-C27B

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:97


For testing air permeability various fabrics, knitted fabrics, nonwovens, industrial filter materials, etc.


1 .7-inch touchscreen control and operation by connecting to the computer2. Full range and auto-detection.3.The size of the test head can be automatically detected, and the replacement is simple and convenient. 4.Use the high-precision USADwyer pressure and differential pressure transducers to obtain accurate data. 5. The variable hole test plate can be automatically cleaned to ensure accuracy. 6.Equipped with thermal printer to print out the experiment result.7.Microcomputer processingitation without manual calculation and test result can be displayed directly.8.Built-in 7 test units: mm /s, m3/m2.min, cm3/cm2.s, m3/m2.h, cfm, L/ dm2.min, L/m2.s, cfm.9. The test arm is pneumatically controlled and can be pressed and displayed automatically.

10.Equipped with 11 nozzles with different calibers for different samples.