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Friction and wear testing machine application

Author:QINSUN Released in:2021-09 Click:764

Nowadays, people's economic level has improved and their education level is also increasing, so people's requirements for living standard are also increasing, and the quality requirements for construction, machinery, transportation, medicine, textile and other industries are also increasing.

So how to test whether the materials required by the industry is up to standard, is the top priority of enterprises. Then we need to use the special testing tools - friction and wear test machine. Because it covers almost every industry testing applications, so it is also known as universal.

Friction and wear testing machine application
Taber abrasion resistance tester

Friction tester can be completed through the computer controller, the specimen of tensile, compression, shear and other performance tests. Because of the special testing performance so the use of a particularly wide range, can be applied to the rubber industry, construction, paper and other non-metallic materials such as physical testing and mechanical hardware, automotive parts and other industries. Can be accurate testing of construction steel, plastic.

Perhaps most ordinary people have never heard of this word, but in fact we have it everywhere in our life. It is a kind of highly intelligent and high precision professional instrument.

The main characteristics of the test are: long life, high reliability, strong anti-interference, and can meet the requirements of speed and accuracy. With the advantages of easy to use, low cost, wide measurement range, high precision, fast response and stability. Can also be easily added with other responsive accessories to do a variety of other experiments, truly multi-purpose machine!