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Foam indentation fatigue test PLC Test أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:37

PLC Foam Indentation Fatigue Testing

PLC Foam Indentation Fatigue Testing Machine is available in two styles: single station desktop type and door type. It can test any part of the mattress and complies with ASTM D 3574-03. Part of the specification requirements for “Dynamic Constant Force Peening Fatigue Testing”.

The PLC controller works in conjunction with the 500 lb load cell and signal conditioner, providing a fixed cycle rate of 70 cycles per minute with a verified maximum applied force of 750 Newtons (other sizes , speeds and peak forces available on request).

Two-rod NFPA-type cylinders are attached to the legs of a 250 mm diameter foam indenter, which presses the foam against an air vent beneath the sample of foam. This tester is specially designed for testing samplesof standard square foam.

The indentation hardness testing method of soft foam polymer material is to indent a standard size foam sample under specific conditions to measure the anti-indentation force that the material in foam will produce. Expressed in Newtons, it is linked to the properties of the material. It is equal to the force exerted by the instrument on the sample, and the direction is opposite. Record force value to measure indentation hardness

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