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FLR-Y27 Goggles dust protection testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:23

Product introduction

Equipment use:

This equipment It is mainly used to test the dust protection performance of eye protectors.

Applicable standards: GB 14866-2006, EN168

Function and configuration:

Function: Test the dust protection performance of eyewear.

Configuration: dust generation system, photoelectric reflectometer, standard head shape, air compressor, matching dust 10kg and dust collection device, etc.


Technical requirements:

1. The size of the dust generation box is approximately 560mm×560mm×560mm, with a sealed hopper bottom;

2. Air compressor: air volume About 2.8 m3/min, the pressure is about 2255.5 Pa, the air flow of the air compressor swirls;

3. Dust: coal powder, particle size: 250μm (slam rate greater than: 95%), 125μm (slam rate greater than: 85%), 90μm (slam rate greater than: 85%)e greater than: 40%)

4. Photoelectric reflectometer: It consists of a sensor, a mercury lamp, a lens and an interference film.

5. Standard configuration: standard head shape