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FLR-Y23C touch screen with protective cap glass foot tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:18

Product introduction

Test objective: To determine the durability of the frame hinge A certain number of opening and closing operations to maintain the original shape, the purpose is to detect the degree of change in the tightness of ordinary hinges.

Reference standards: GB13511-1999, GB/T14214-1998, QB2659-2004, QB2457-1999, industry standards, etc.

Test instrument requirements: The equipment must be suitable for every minute 60-turn reciprocating opening and closing movement, the opening and closing angle is 90 degrees.

Technical parameters:

Instrument model: FLR-Y23CTouch screen with protective coverSpectacle spring feetTester

Controller: touch screen operation

Angle: 0-145 degrees adjustable (can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

Clamping method: Persis clamp clamptention

Test memory: Power-off memory

Speed ​​setting: 0-60 times/min

Input voltage: 220V 50/60Hz

FLR- Y23CTouch screen with protective coverSpectacle spring feetTester is currently a new domestic and foreign model for the use of finished glass hinge performance damage test, it is an indispensable quality testing equipment for the eyewear industry.

If there are special requirements, Flora Technology can adapt them according to customer requirements.

Test method and standard:

1. Before testing, first note the distance between the left and right hinges;

2. Fix the sample on the instrument, according to the standard Or the customer required to set the number of tests;

3. Start the instrument and after the test, remove the mirror frame and observe the condition of the hinge. hinge should not have cracks, broken marks, permanent deformation of less than 5mm, etc.