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FLR-303A small shell tensile strength tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:29

Product introduction

This machine is controlled by a computer and different fixtures can be selected for adhesive products , paper products and printing and packaging, food, electronics, buttons and other industries for tension, compression, peeling, tearing, shearing, plug force, fatigue...etc. It can print multiple data and can make graphical output comparison based on different data, with high checking precision and easy operation; it has a modular design and various accessories are complete in variety and flexible in customization. The testing machine is cost-effective, easy to operate and easy to maintain. It is an ideal equipment for quality inspection and production assistance in various factories and enterprises.

Executive standard:

GB/T4850-2002Determination of Low Speed ​​Roll Strength of Pressure Sensitive Tape

GB8808-1988 Soft Composite Plastic Peel Test Method

GB/T2790-1995 Adhesive 180 Degree Peel Strength Test Method

GB /T2791-1995 Adhesive T Peel Strength Test Method

GB2792-1998 Pressure Sensitive Tape 180 Peel Strength Test Method

ASTM D3330/D3330M-2004(2010) Pressure Sensitive Tape Peel Adhesion Test Method

GB7753 -1987 Test Method For Tensile Properties Of Pressure Sensitive Tape

QB/T2358-1998 Test Method For Heat Sealing Strength Of Plastic Film Packaging Bags

GB13022-1991 Test Method For Tensile Properties Of Plastic Film

ISO/IEC10373-1:2006 identification card test method part 1 general characteristic test.

Technical parameters:

1. Test force value range: optional within 200N

2. Switch between units: Kg, N, Lb (freely switchable), etc.

3. Load analysis rate: 1/ 250000;

4. Tax Accuracygness: ±0.3%;

5. Test stroke: 450 mm

6. Test width: 120 mm

7. Speed ​​test range: 1-500mm/min stepless speed control

8. Transmission system: stepper motor, servo motor, ball screw, computer measurement and control software

9 Safety device: overload emergency stop device, up and down travel limit device, automatic breakpoint stop function

10. Test setup: a set of luminaires adapted to the customer\'s products

11. Working power supply: AC220V50HZ

12. Machine weight: about 55 kg

Random standardAccessories:

1. One set of warranty card and Chinese operation manual;

2. A set of standard test fixtures (according to customer sample requirements). Other luminaires are purchased separately;

3. A very accurate load sensor;

4. A set of special testing software;