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Falling ball impact tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:159

Product introduction

Instrument description:

Falling ball impact test The machine belongs to the drop test machine. This machine is designed to test the impact of finished products or components such as electronics, electrical appliances, household appliances, plastics and communications during installation and connection, to evaluate whether the product structure is defective or not enough. drop a certain specified weight freely from a certain height to hit the sample and components to observe the degree of damage of the product and judge the product quality.

Test Principle:

This machine adopts the DC electromagnetic control mode, the steel ball is placed under the electromagnetic suction cup, the steel ball is automatically sucked up, press the drop button and the suction cup limmediately release the steel ball, the steel ball will be subjected to a free fall test, hitting the surface of the sample. The drop height can be adjusted up and down, and a height scale is attached to know the drop height of the item. The key components of this machine are reliable in performance, and a variety of drip accessories make your test accurate and productive.

Technical information:

Product model: FLR-311

1. Stroke height range: 0-2000 mm adjustable

2. Operation method: electromagnetic control trap, single impact.

3. Sample size: 210*210*25MM

4. Test height: It can be arbitrarily set and adjusted to fall at a certain height.

5. Control box: The loose electromagnet is installed from the lower part.

6. Volume: 450*450X*2300MM

7. Power supply: 220V 50Hz

8. Steel ball specification: 112g 225g 357g 533g 1041g 2280g (any Choose one)

9. Weight approximately: 36KG