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Factors affecting the wear of the impact crusher folding rod

Author: Released in:2022-12-15 Click:42

Product Introduction

The blow bar is one of the parts that is easy to carry in the impact crusher, and the service time is short. Blow bar replacement frequency has increased, increasing production costs. To find a solution, the following article will introduce in detail the factors affecting the wear of impact crusher blow bar.

1. The influence of line speed: Line speed is the working parameter that has the greatest influence on blow bar wear. The magnitude of the line speed directly affects the impact energy of the blow bar on the material. The size and degree of grinding play a decisive role in the particle size of the product. In addition, the too high linear speed can also lead to a sharp increase in the wear of the blow bar. This is because the material cannot enter the impact zone due to the high linear velocity. Verocaused by severe wear on the end of the blower bar.

Second, the impact of the processing capacity and the discharge opening: the processing capacity of the equipment also has a certain influence on the wear of the blow bar. When the processing capacity increases, the size of the product particles changes Coarse, the crushing ratio decreases, and the sheer wear of the blow bar also decreases. Similarly, changing the size of the discharge gap can also change the thickness of the product particle size to a certain extent, so it also has a certain effect on the wear of the blow bar.

Third, the influence of the properties of the materials to be broken: the influence of the materials to be broken on the wear of the blow bar includes: the nature of the materials, the size of feed particle size and water content, and other factors. Among them, the material properties have the greatest influence, and the harder the degreerial, the greater the wear of the blow bar.

4. Improper use and operation: Since the blow bar is often broken, the maintenance personnel has a great workload and labor intensity to replace the blow bar. Therefore, the new blow bar had to be fitted. In the end, the machine did not stop in time for inspection, as a result of which the bolts were loose and could not be tightened in time. This causes the blower rod to wear out faster.