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Factors Affecting Oxygen Analyzer Determination

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:46

When analyzing the oxygen content, especially the analysis of the trace oxygen, since the oxygen content in the air is as high as 21% oxygen, if there is no If not handled properly, it is easy to pollute and interfere with the sample, resulting in inaccurate analysis results. The main reason is the malfunction of the oxygen analyzer. The following factors affect the determination:

1. Simplification and cleanliness of the gas path system of the oxygen analyzer The blind spot in the first class causes pollution of the sample gas. Therefore, the gas path system should be simplified as much as possible and connectors with small blind spots should be selected. Also, avoid using hydraulic seals, oil seals and wax seals to prevent dissolved oxygen from escaping and causing pollution. It is also necessary to avoidadd purification equipment that can easily pollute the pipe leading from the sample gas to the inlet of the oxygen analyzer. Only then can the system be kept clean and the data obtained accurate.

2. Oxygen Analyzer Pollution

When reusing the oxygen analyzer, firstly pay attention to keep the air out of the air. does not infiltrate when connecting the sample line, and leaking air should be carefully removed. The air is blown clean, try not to let a lot of oxygen through the sensor to prolong the life of the sensor. In the process of purifying the pipeline system, in order to shorten the purification time, some methods are necessary. Generally, high pressure air release and low flow blowing are used alternately to quickly purify the pipeline.

3. Selecting the material of the tpipe

Pipe material and surface roughness will also affect the change in oxygen content in the sample gas. It is generally not appropriate to use plastic pipes, rubber pipes, etc. as connecting pipes. Copper or stainless steel tubing is typically used, and polished stainless steel tubing should be used for ultra-trace analysis (refers to <0.1ppm).

4. Oxygen Analyzer Leakage

The oxygen analyzer should be thoroughly checked for leaks before first use. The oxygen analyzer can only get accurate data results under the condition of waterproof. Any loose connection points, solder joints, valves, etc. will cause oxygen from the air to seep into the pipeline and inside the oxygen analyzer, resulting in high oxygen content.