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Factors Affecting Light Fastness Tester Test Results

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:104

Textile materials such as clothing, paint, plastic and rubber are often exposed to natural climatic conditions and their physical and chemical properties will inevitably change due to the combined effects of sun, rain, alternation cold and heat, etc. also known as aging. Once the material ages, its associated performance will be significantly reduced. The results of material aging tests generally have the following three aspects.
Temperature in the chamber:
For air-cooled xenon lamps, when emitting light, the emitted heat enters the test chamber by radiation and conduction, causing as the temperature increases, especially when the lamp enters the final stages of its life, the heating part increases considerably, while the luminous part decreases cconsiderably. In order to ensure the stability of the light intensity, the power of the lamp must be increased, which causes the lamp to generate more heat. If appropriate measures are not taken, the temperaThe temperature in the warehouse will inevitably remain high. Nowadays, Freon refrigeration technology is mainly used to refrigerate the air in the warehouse. The principle is similar to the temperature and humidity control principle of a laboratory with constant temperature and humidity, ensuring a certain temperature range.
Board temperature:
According to different construction principles, it can be divided into blackboard thermometer (BPT) and marked board temperature (BST). This is a complete and intuitive expression of the light and thermal energy received by the sample. After the xenon lamp ages, its luminous efficiency decreases considerablynt. In order to achieve the same level of fading, the test duration must be extended and the heat generation rate increases significantly. Additionally, once the filter ages, its ability to filter infrared rays decreases, causing a significant increase in BST and BPT. Therefore, the temperature of the blackboard must be controlled from many aspects such as ambient temperature in the warehouse, xenon lamp, filter, wind speed, etc., in order to effectively control the temperature value of the blackboard. blackboard and meet the requirements of the various standards relating to the instruments. At the same time, it is also an important basis for determining whether the xenon lamp and filter are defective.
Light intensity:
The long arc xenon lamp is known to be the most suitable artificial light source for simulating the spectrum of sunlight. It has high powered (significantly shortening the test cycle) and anti-interference properties. It has many advantages such as high power, long life and low cost, so it is an artificial light source. But after all, it has a shelf life. It also emits heat while emitting light. The aim of the experimenter is to use its light energy to eliminate its heat energy (according to the cooling method. They are divided into air-cooled types, such as Heraeus 150, 150S, 150S+ pourm from West Germany , Q-SUN from the United States, Macasso from Italy and Helios, as well as water-cooled types such as ATLAS, Ci3000+, Ci4000+, Ci5000+, etc.). In terms of cooling effect, of course the water cooling type is better, but the air cooling type has a great advantage because of its low cost.