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Fabric Moisture Permeability Tester Moisture Permeability Area Requirements

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:22

The fabric moisture permeability tester uses the moisture permeable cup moisture absorption method to measure the ability of water vapor to pass through fabric. All kinds of fabrics, wadding, space cotton, etc. are used for the moisture permeability of clothing nonwovens. Moisture permeability can reflect perspiration and steam performance of clothing, and is one of the important indicators to identify the comfort and hygiene of clothing.

Applicable standards:

GB/T12704.1-2009, GB/T12704.2-2009, ASTM E96-00 \"Standard Test Methods for WaterVapor Transmission of Materials\" test method moisture absorption

Technical indicators:

1. Temperature control range: 20℃~40 ℃±0.5℃

2. Humidity control range: 50% RH ± 2% RH ~ 90% RH ± 2% RH

3. Air velocity : 0.02~0.3m/s

4 . Testing time: 0~99.99h

5. Heating power: 600W

6. Humidification capacity: ≥250ml/h

7. Moisture permeability area: ≥ 3000mm2 (ASTM ),2826mm2 (GB)

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