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Fabric Bursting Strength Digital Meter Burst Time

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:25

Digital Fabric Bursting Strength Tester is used to measure the expansion strength and expansion performance of various textiles, non-woven fabrics and other materials when simultaneously stressed in warp, weft and in all directions (elastic diaphragm method), qisnun precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a manufacturer.

Test principle:

Fix the sample above the rubber diaphragm, increase the volume of the liquid at a constant speed, make the liquid press the diaphragm to expand, burst the sample and the sample will burst. The strong force is the difference between the liquid pressure and the elastic resistance of the diaphragm.

Testing sample:

1. Batch sampling - as a batch sampling to test, randomly select a certain amount of performance or ma supplymaterials.

2. Lab Sampling: Lab sampling for testing involves removing at least 1 meter from the outside of each batch sample roll, then taking a cloth sample from a 1 meter wide. Circular knitted fabrics selected from batch samples or strip samples cut to a width of at least 305mm from each roll.

3. Test samples: Take 10 samples for each sample, and each sample should be at least 125mm2.

Test Correction:

1. Tester Routine Calibration: Test five pieces of aluminum foil standard to check the tester at least once a month. The average bursting strength of five standard pieces of aluminum foil should not exceed ±5% of the value stated on the foil wrapper.

2. Pressure gauge calibration - Calibrate the pressure gaugee to be consistent with the angle of inclination during use, and use the piston or mercury column type pressure correction method. Calibrate with the manometer in the position it would normally use.

3. If an agreement cannot be found, test the tester according to the instructions in Tappi method T-403OS-74.

Test procedure:

① Adjust the sample humidity under standard atmosphere, take a representative sample suitable for the test area, and take 3 parallel samples for each test.

② Select a diaphragm with an appropriate test area, adjust the hydraulic speed, and control the burst time within a reasonable range.

③Load the sample on the diaphragm so that the sample is in a pressureless state.

④Start the equipment after zeroing, record the burst speed, time, height and force, and calculate the value.r mean.

Burst Time:

Burst Time refers to the time required for the burst process. GB/T 7742.1-2005 has clear regulations on burst time, but the instrument cannot set the burst time. Therefore, the specified burst time should be achieved by controlling the burst speed. When the burst area is 7.3 cm2, the relationship between burst velocity and burst time of the three samples. There is no linear relationship between burst time and burst velocity, which is caused by the nonlinear stress-strain relationship inside the tissue. For different fabrics, the rate of change of burst speed corresponding to the burst time is different, but the general tendency is to increase the burst speed. The burst time is reduced, and within a small range, the burst speed and burst time are reduced.t have some linear relationship. Therefore, when setting the burst time, the desired burst time can be inferred from the result of the first test.