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Experimental Operation of Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester for Nonwovens

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:96

The non-woven fabric synthetic blood penetration tester is used to test the resistance of ordinary fabrics and medical clothing to synthetic blood penetration under different test pressures, and can also be used to test the resistance to blood penetration of other coating materials Performance is a test equipment independently developed and produced by Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. ASTM F1671

Experimental operation:

1. After opening the box, first insert the other end of the ø The pressure valve faces the nozzle on the back of the instrument (all ends of the trachea should be cut flush, otherwise it is easy to leak), and the tube should be pushed into the nozzle until it stops.

2. Refer to \"Y047, Y055 Float Pressure Gauge Instruction Manual\" to install the float pressure gauge, unscrewz the two knurled taps on the side of the pressure gauge frame, then insert the two white air pipes with knurled nut caps are respectively inserted into the two tap holes, and the knurled nuts on the caps are screwed to the interior to prevent plugs from falling and air leaking during operation.

3. Connect the white air hose marked \"air source\" on the pressure gauge with the corresponding \"pressure gauge air source connector\" on the rear cover of the instrument box (insert the pipe in the nozzle); then connect the white gas hose marked \"Outlet\" from the pressure gauge with the corresponding \"pressure gauge output connector\" on the back cover of the instrument case (insert the hose into the nozzle).

4. First close the ball valve of the air compressor leading to the instrument pipeline, connect the air compressor to the power supply, and wait for the compair pump reaches the predetermined pressure (not less than 0.5 MPa).

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