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Experimental operation method of a disc type flat cloth grinding machine

Author: Released in:2023-03-15 Click:18

Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.: Disc Type Fabric Flat Grinding Tester Characteristics and experimental operation methods:

1 Structure Principle:

The dust cartridge is mounted on a working disk with a diameter of 90 mm and the disk rotates at a constant speed of 70 rpm. There are two brackets above the disc, and the two brackets are respectively There are two grinding discs rotating on their own axis. During the test, the pattern on the cutting disc is in contact with the two grinding discs and moves relative to each other, making the pattern in is worn in multiple directions, forming a wear ring on the sample.
The pressure of the grinding wheel on the sample can be adjusted according to the load on the bracket. The weight of the bracket itself is 250 g. The instrument is equipped with various grinding wheel discs with different wear strengths and is equipped with a dust extraction system. It is used to remove the abrasive dirt on itsurface of the sample automatically.
The characteristics of the disc type medium grinding instrument are: the stability of the instrument is good, the discretion of the experimental results is small, and the operation is inconvenient. The instrument can also test the abrasion resistance of yarns. The downside is that there is no self-stop device.

Second, operation method
1. First, cut a small hole in the center of the cut sample, and then fix the pattern On the work disk, tighten the banner ring with an Allen key so that the pattern has a certain tension.
2. Select the correct pressure. There are four types of pressure hammers: 1000g, 500g, 250g and 125g.
3. Select the appropriate grinding wheel as the abrasive material. The carbonized grinding wheel is divided into three types: coarse A-100, medium A-150 and fine A-280.
4. Adjust the height of the suction pipe, which is generally 1-1.5mm higher than the stud. Insert the suctionhose and plug of the vacuum cleaner on the flat grinder, and use the adjustment on the right side of the flat grinder according to the weight and amount of grinding waste. Press the lever to adjust the air volume of the suction pipe. 5. Reset the counter.
6. Start the engine and record the number of rubs after the experiment. Lift the vacuum tube from the bracket, remove the sample, reset the counter and clean the grinding wheel. Each pattern should be repeated 5-10 times and the arithmetic mean value should be calculated.

Third, the test method:
With a certain tension, the yarn is wound on a cardboard with a special shape and arranged parallel together Finally wrap in 1, 2, 3, 4 four groups of yarns. The outer ends of groups 1 and 4 are fixed with cotton yarn, mainly to prevent the yarn from coming loose during the experiment. Place the hard paper pole wrapped with yarn on the work disk of the setrumment and clamp it with a cloth clamp. Other steps are performed according to the fabric abrasion test method.