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EN12472 Refinement of the nickel release test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:21

Product introduction

Nickel is the most common cause of contact allergy, skin and nickel-containing objects. The released nickel ions can cause allergies on direct and prolonged contact. In view of this, the European Union has strict regulations on the amount of nickel released from coated products. All metal products such as jewellery, eyewear and watches must pass the EN12472:2005 nickel release test before they can be sold in Europe. sold.

The nickel release test wear instrument and all associated consumables supplied by our company are manufactured in accordance with the above standards, with excellent quality, safety and reliability. Welcome customers to inquire, we will serve enthusiastically.

The customer base includes inspection centers of various sizes, immigrgovernment agencies, manufacturers of eyewear, accessories, hardware, handbag leather and other industries. It is widely used and welcomed by customers.

Product name: EN12472 Nickel Release Test Refining


Model: TSP-10

Package: 1KG/bottle

Product introduction: simulated human sweat

Origin: imported