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ELISA kit washing method

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:29

The running water washing method is initially used for washing the pearl carrier, and the washing solution is only distilled water or even tap water. When washing, a special device is attached to continuously roll and rinse the beads under the action of running water. After 2 minutes of continuous washing, blot the liquid, then soak in distilled water for 2 minutes, and then pat dry. The soaking type is like a bathtub, and the running water washing type is like a shower. The washing effect is better, and it is also simple and fast. Experiments have shown that washing with running water is also suitable for washing microtiter plates. When washing, try to increase the water flow or increase the water pressure so that the water flow hits the surface of the plate hole.

In addition to some instruments from the ELISA kit which are equipped with a special automatic washer, there are two types of manualeasy operation: soak and wash with running water. The process is as follows:


1. Soaking type

①Dip or shake the reaction solution into the hole;

②Wash once with washing liquid;

③ Soaking means filling the wells with the washing liquid, this Place for 1-2 minutes, shake intermittently, and the soaking time cannot be shortened at will;

④Brain the liquid into the wells, dry them, use a water pump or a vacuum pump. You can also shake off the liquid and pat it dry on a clean towel;

⑤Repeat operations ③ and ④, and wash 3 to 4 times. In the indirect method, if the background is high, the number of washes can be increased or the soaking time can be extended.

2. Wash type with running water

Although washing is not a reaction step in the ELISA kit process, it also determines the success or failure of the experiment . The ELSIA kit relies on washing for the purpose of separating free and bound enzyme labels to reach. Washing is used to remove the remaining substances in the plate wells that cannot bind to the solid phase antigen or antibody, as well as the interfering substances that are non-specifically adsorbed onto the solid phase support during the reaction process. The adsorption of polystyrene and other plastics on proteins is universal, and this non-specifically adsorbed interfering substance must be washed away during washing. It can be said that in the operation of ELISA kits, washing is the main key technology, which should attract the attention of the operator and not be sloppy.