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Electric Cross Cut Tester-Erichsen430P Electric Cross Cut Tester Price

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:33

Electric Cross-Cross Tester-Erichsen430P Electric Cross-Cross-Cross Tester Price is used for various scratch and scratch resistance tests on paint and coating surfaces, to determine the adhesion performance of paints and coatings, suitable for construction sites, laboratories, etc. under different conditions.

Product Introduction

Main Usage :
Cross-hatch tester is used for various scratch resistance and scratch resistance tests on the surface of paints and coatings to determine the adhesion performance of paints and coatings, and is suitable for various conditions. construction site, laboratory, etc.

Test Principle
The basic principle is to use a series of blades to spread the coating at right angles scratches, and the obtained squares can Evaluated by visual inspection ofwhere the coating breaks from the substrate. It is also comparable to the grid pattern in the standard.

Test Standard:
1.VDA 621-411 Paint Adhesion
2.EN ISO 2409 Paint-Coating Mesh Grid Cutting Test
3. ASTM/D 3359 Standard Test Guidelines for Coating Adhesion Test by Tape Method
Technical Characteristics:
1.2 scoring rates, 2 scoring lengths can be performed as required combination.
2.9 kinds of predetermined cross marks, which meet the standards used by most.
3.1 free program control cross mark mode to meet special needs.
4. Use the stepper motor to set the mark distance.
5. When scratching through the insulating layer to the metal base layer, there will be a display.
6. Fast clamping device, wide clamping range.

Technical parameters:
1. Instrument power supply: 115/230 VAC, 50/60Hz (pleasee voltage to be specified when ordering)
2. Equipment power: 400 W
3. Test piece specification: 80×50mm
4. Sample thickness: 0.5 ~ 20mm
5. Standard load range: 2 ~ 50N (2N bearing capacity)
6. Special load range: 1 ~ 10N (1N carry) (need to cooperate with optional accessories)
7. Marking path: 25 or 45 mm
8. Marking speed: 1 m/min or 40 mm/s
1. Commitment to product quality:
The products sold are all produced by original brand factories. (with product-related certificates)
The product will be inspected before delivery by relevant technical personnel to ensure that all functions of the product are complete and undamaged before shipment.
We are willing to bear all responsibilities in case of quality problems (non-human damage) during the warranty period of the instruments we provide.
2. Commitment to delivery date:
The headerer and the seller will try to deliver the goods within 7 days from the payment date after negotiating the goods transaction, and deliver the goods to the location according to the time required by the buyer. If the purchased product is a pre-notified product, you must Negotiate with us and request the purchase file to meet your needs in a timely manner.
3. Establish a cooperation concept, management system and long-term system:
1. Pre-sales service: Set up a special organization and relevant personnel of our company will help you choose the product in time.
2. In-sale service: In order to avoid unnecessary losses due to improper use of your users, our company will arrange relevant technical personnel to guide during the use process to ensure the correct use of the product, so that users can use it safely and conveniently .