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Domestic YLD YLD mass flow meter technical indicators

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:48

Domestic YLD Mass Flow MeterTechnical indicators:

Main parameters

Mass flow accuracy: ±0.002×flow ±zero Drift

Density measurement accuracy: ±0.003g/cm3

Density measurement range: 0.5 ~1.5g/cm3

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1°C


Ambient temperature: -40~60°C

Average temperature: -50~200°C

Explosion-proof type: iBIⅡBT3

Associated equipment: supporting transmitter


Operating temperature: 0~60°C

Relative humidity: less than 95%

Power: 220±10%VAC, 50Hz or 24±5%VDC, 40W

Calorimetric mass flow meter. When the fluid is still, the thermocouple gives symmetrical at both ends of the heat source indicates that the temperature is the same. Commonly used bypass tube mass flow meter The pipeline is divided into numerous small thin tube pipelines, and then one of the pipelines is pulled out and the sensor is placed outside the bypass tube. This method separates the measuring element from the medium, but the response speed and accuracy are slightly lower.Due to processing technologie, the accuracy and repeatability of the flow meter have been greatly improved.

dual-pass mass flow meter. Install two identical orifice plates at pipes A and B. Two identical constant flow pumps capable of a constant volume flow q in opposite directionsproduce are installed in the shunt pipeline. The pressure difference before and after the two orifice plates △P=P1-P3=4KρQq is proportional to ρ and Q. In the formula, K is constant coefficient, ρ is density, Q is pipeline volume flow, ρQ is mass flow.

Figure 3is a dual impeller mass flow meter. In the housing Install two impellers with different blade angles coaxially, and connect them with a spring in the middle. The torque difference between the two wheels makes the spring torsion angle α. α is proportional to the product of mass flow M and angular frequency &owega;, i.e. α ∝ MÜ. The time taken to measure the angular displacement α can be used to measure the value of M. The measurement method is: install two electromagnetic detectors on the housing and start counting when the first turbine generates pulses. When the second turbine generates a pulse, stop counting. Measure the time t according to the default frequency of the counter, then calculate the M value.

Indirect mass flow meter There are 3 main types of indirect mass flow meter: combination of velocity flow meter and density meter, throttling Combination of type (or target type) flow meter and positive displacement flow meter , combination of throttle type (or target type) flow meter and density meter.

The mass flow measuring instrument with microcomputer is also called mass flow computer. A new universal flow measuring instrument. It can input the density, flow (turbine flow meter, choke flow meter), specific gravity, temperature, pressure, heat and other signals of the liquid.

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