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Discussion on car interior maintenance methods أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:34

Discussion on car interior maintenance methods

First discussion: seat maintenance

At present, the seats are basically divided in leather seats and velor seats. Both types have different maintenance methods.

Leather seats:

Most mid-to-high-end cars are equipped with leather seats, and many drivers also install seats themselves leather to look comfortable, luxurious and noble. The lifespan is also longer. Genuine leather is a natural thing and cannot be taken lightly when it comes to maintenance. Chemical cleaning products cannot be accidentally sprayed. Strong alkaline cleaning products should be used, such as soapy water, and dried with cotton paper towels after washing. In daily maintenance, besides the well-known avoidance of obsharp jets that scratch the leather, you also need to pay attention to dust and sun protection. Because dust is everywhere, it will absorb the leather\'s natural oils and become a dry piece of leather. The scorching sun will age human skin, which also applies to leather seats. Therefore, for the maintenance of leather seats, the following points should be carried out:

1. Car leather seats should be kept two feet away from the heat source. If they are too close to the heat source, the leather will dry out;

2. Do not expose to the sun for a long time. This can prevent the leather from fading. Especially those who drive convertible sports cars don\'t damage their skin all their lives just to be popular.

3. Carry out regular cleaning and maintenance and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust every week;

4. Do not useDo not use a hair dryer to quickly dry the leather after cleaning, use tissue paper or soft towels. Wipe dry to avoid scratching the genuine leather or air dry in a cool, ventilated area.

5. Do not use chemical cleaning products for cleaning. And use less so-called leather protection products. Protective agents will make the leather dependent. If you stop using it, the leather will become dull.

Flannel seat:

As for the fabric seat, it is relatively easy to handle. When the velor seat is not very dirty, you can use a long bristle brush and a vacuum cleaner with strong suction to brush the surface of the seat while using the suction port of the vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt. For particularly dirty seats, the following steps should be followed when cleaning: first use a brush to clean the dirty parts(such as large stains, waste, etc.), then use a clean cloth dampened with a small amount of neutral detergent, and dry it semi-dry. Wipe the seat surface completely when it is half damp (note that the cloth should be wrung out), and finally clean the seat again with a vacuum cleaner to remove excess moisture.

Clean leather seats with clear soap

Soak leather seats with a clean soft towel in warm water, apply appropriate amount of soap evenly on the towel, then lightly wipe the seats (creases can be wiped repeatedly). At this time, if the towel gets dirty, it proves that decontamination has a significant effect. After wiping the soap, ventilate and dry, and use wet hair without soap after washing. Just wipe them twice with a towel. This method removes dirt and leaves thehas clean, soft and fresh skin as always. This method also applies to door trims and plastic parts of the dashboard. The reason is that the soap (soap) has strong decontamination properties and is not irritating to human skin, which makes it more practical for leather goods.