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Discussion of color fastness to rubbing

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Scrub fastness refers to the resistance of the color of textiles to abrasion or staining on other textiles and is one of the most important indices of textile color fastness , i.e. the grade the fading of dyed fabric after rubbing, which can be divided into dry and wet rubbing. The rub fastness in particular plays an important role. The assessment is divided into 5 levels (fastness number), where 5 means very high rubbing fastness and level 1 means very low.

As a professional testing organization or professional inspector, color fastness to rubbing is so important; we should have a deeper understanding of the color fastness to rubbing test so that our test results are close to the true value of the sample.

Standards for color fastness test by rubbing

Standards for color fastness testby rubbing
Chinese standard: GB/T 3920
International standard : ISO 105 X12/X16
American standard: AATCC 8/AATCC 116

JapanThis standard : JIS L0849 Type I / Type II

Commonly used equipment for color fastness test by rubbing

a. Crockmeter rubbing fastness tester GT-D05


Crockmeter\'s Rubber Fastness Tester is used to determine the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing. An attached acrylic sample holder ensures quick sample mounting and

repeatability of results.AATCC Crockmeter Standards:

BS 1006- D02, ISO 105- X12 /D02, M&S C8, AATCC 8/165, ASTM D6279, JIS L 0849 Type1, JIS L 0862 Type1

B.Round Color Fastness Tester GT - KC52


This rubbing color fastness tester is used to assess Friction damage to colored materials and surface color transfer. It is suitable for testing upper materials such as leather, synthetic and fabric etc.


BS EN 13516 method B , SATRA PM8, QB/T 1619-2018 Annex B, ISO 17700 Method B

c.(Gakushin) Color Fastness Tester GT-D06


Rub resistance tester for evaluating the resistance of a material to rubbing movements. The device consists of a tabletop machine with six stations and has clamps for attaching samples to a bewEqual plate and clamps for weight friction arm for attaching friction material. The cycle counter automatically stops the machine at the end of the test cycles. Test samples are evaluated visually.


JIS L0823 , JIS L0849 Type2, JIS L1006, JIS L1084,JIS L 0862 Type2, JIS 10801, TSL5100G Section 4.8.1A, QB/T1646