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DIN Abrasion Tester-GB9867 Rubber Roller Abrasion Testing Machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:38

DIN Wear-Resistant Instrument-GB9867 Rubber Roller Abrasion Tester is suitable for elastic materials, rubber, tires, conveyor belts, shoe soles, soft synthetic leather. . . The wear measurement of other materials has the characteristics of high performance, good reproducibility and easy operation. The main principle is that under a certain load, at a certain level of mesh, the columnar sample is ground and ground for a certain impact on the surface of the mesh, and the mass abrasion of the sample is measured, and then calculated from the density of the sample Volume wear, in order to make the test comparable, the standard rubber should ultimately be used, and the test result is expressed as the relative volume wear based on the calibrated mesh or fully expressed as the wear against a certain standard rubber wear-resistant base.


DIN 53516, JIS K6369, GB/T 20991 No. 8.3, GB 20265-2006 , GB20266-2006, SATRA TM174, BS 903, JIS K6264, GB/T9867, ISO4649, etc.


Roller wear machine is also called DIN wear-resistant instrument-GB9867 rubber roller wear tester, used to measure the abrasion resistance of rubber tires, rubber shoes, tapes, etc. to identify rubber The quality of the product. During the test, the rubber material rubs against the mesh on the roller under a certain load and the wear of the sample is measured within the specified stroke. Meet the requirements of GB9867, ISO4649 and DIN53516. The machine has the advantages of small sample size, time saving, non-repetitive friction path and low noise.


Test piece: φ16mm, 6~15mm (D)

Load armature: 2.5N

Weight load: 2.5N, 5N

Zijwamedical clamp displacement: 4.2 mm/roll per circle

Sanding cloth: 60 #

Roll diameter: 150 mm

Roll length: 460 mm

Roller speed: 40rpm

Planned stroke: 40m/20m

Sanding speed: 0.32m/sec

Pitch angle: 3° Angle between the support shaft of the test piece and the vertical surface of the roller

Volume: 70×30×30cm

Weight: 61kg

Power supply: 1∮, AC220V, 3A

Standard configuration:

Standard configuration:

2 pcs P60# standard sandpaper, 1 standard die, 5 standard test pieces, 1 aluminum block, 1 brush, 1 small bench drill.

Product details:

Put the sample on a specific carrier medium and place on a rotating drum wrapped in standard sandpaper. The operator records the weight of the sample before and after the test to detect the weight loss and uses this value to calculate the abrasion resistance via the standard formula.

Note:for general use you need to purchase a specific gravity balance