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DIN Abrasion Test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2019-08 Click:1170

This test method measures the wear uniformity of the rubber under abrasive conditions. This accelerated test can be used to evaluate the wear resistance of various rubbers, but the abrasive wear conditions vary widely and the actual performance of the rubber product during its performance cycle cannot always be predicted.

A typical DIN wear instrument employs a rotating steel drum that moves at a fixed speed that is covered in a corundum sheet having a specific grinding capability. The test head containing the sample of interest passes transversely through the drum at a controlled distance at a fixed speed and a constant force. The mass loss of the sample is converted to volume loss using specific gravity and then compared to the reference compound to determine the relative propensity of the compound to resist abrasive wear.

This test has become a common tool in the rubber industry for a number of reasons. It is easy to operate, and even the least technically easy to understand results, low cost, and it provides a single number that allows people to classify compounds based on their apparent wear resistance. These data are used by savvy marketers who want to prove that their company’s products are superior to their competitors, or that they are a convenient filter application when they plan to purchase new products, assuming the product contains the “best” resistance. The wear value will have the longest lifetime and will ultimately have the greatest value.