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Difficulties and solutions in voltage passing test of transformers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:72

In the power system, the transformer is an important power supply and its stability and reliability are crucial to ensure the operation of the power grid. The voltage test of the transformer is one of the important means of ensuring normal operation. However, there will be some difficulties in passing the voltage test of the transformer. This article introduces these issues and provides corresponding solutions.

1. High Voltage Winding Insulation Problem:

During the transformer withstand voltage test, the high voltage winding is most prone to problems. Due to the harsh operating environment and high electric field strength, high voltage windings are prone to problems such as partial discharge and failure. This not only affects the test results, but also causes damage to the equipment.

Solution: Prior to testing, a comprehensive inspection of thehigh voltage winding and use appropriate testing techniques and equipment to reduce the risk of partial discharge and failure. At the same time, materials such as insulating oil and insulating paper can also be used to improve the insulation performance of high-voltage windings.

2. Selection of test equipment:

In the voltage test of the transformer, the selection of suitable test equipment is also an important point. Different test equipment has different characteristics and application areas, so it should be selected according to the actual situation.

Solution: When selecting test equipment, consider factors such as transformer type and rated voltage, and choose equipment with high precision and good stability. At the same time, pay attention to proper use and maintenance during use.

3. Safety issues:

The voltage test of the transformer is a werk is a high risk, if not done properly it can cause injury to personnel. Therefore, when performing tests, safety regulations and work procedures must be strictly followed.

Solution: Before testing, staff should be trained and professionals should be assigned to work. At the same time, take care to prevent electric shock, fire and other risks during use and be equipped with the appropriate safety devices and first aid measures.

In short, when conducting the voltage withstand test of the transformer, it is necessary to fully consider the above difficulties and take corresponding measures to reduce the risk. Only in this way can the test results be accurate and reliable, while ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel.