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Development prospects of the textile testing technologies and instruments market

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:31

We are now in the information age. Network technology is developing very quickly. Electronic information technologies have a large number of applications in all fields. In the field of textile testing, many technologies in this area are also applied. The use of automated testing, electronic communications and other technologies have also greatly improved textile testing technology, which has significantly changed the methods and means of modern textile testing technology. Functionally, textile testing technology has been gradually improved. , some key indicators can be detected and the detection process has become very simple, convenient and smarter.

The main characteristics of modern textile testing technology:
(1) Modern textile testing is evolving in the mostgreat extent towards test automation
In the past, to measure the length and weight of a single fiber, the amperometric method was used and the vibration method was used. It can well detect the length and quality of the fiber without requiring For complex operations, there are already many measurement methods based on vibration methods abroad. These methods are highly automated and can detect fiber density with the press of a button. The accuracy of this detection method is relatively high. In the past, using manual judgment was not only inefficient, but also difficult to ensure accuracy. Through the automatic detection system, a large number of samples can be tested in a short time without much manual involvement, and the accuracy and efficiency can be guaranteed. Standard Group is acomprehensive supplier of textile testing instruments, adhering to professionalism. , sincerity, enthusiasm and service concept, completely close to customer needs and highly recognized by customers.
(2) Modern textile testing technology is widely used in today\'s high technology
The application of computer technology is of great importance to modern textile testing. In many developed countries, the density of textile products is detected. When testing, a new computer control system is used, which can more precisely control the standard weight time of the sample, and when testing the strength of single fibers, a device can be used to collect and process the data and finally the results are displayed. . At present, our country has also made certain progress in this regard. It uses computer software and photometric detection methods to adjustand control fibers. This method is simple and fast without loss of precision. Even though the chemical composition of some fibers is very similar, they can also be distinguished using this method. In addition, digital image processing technology has also been applied to fiber detection. For example, when detecting wool fibers, digital image processing technology can be used to measure the average diameter of wool very accurately and very quickly, within one minute. Tens Thousands of wools can be tested in a day, and the application of this technology can also detect many other fibers. Besides digital image processing technology, machine technology is also used in fiber detection, using laser scanning and computer technology to detect fibers. This detection method is also very fast andmore precise.
(3) Detection methods are constantly improved in modern textile testing technology
In the process of textile testing, the use of sensors is inseparable. Sensors are used to test their components and associated parameters. Widely used audio frequency and radio and television sensors have continued to mature during the development process. In the process of detecting textile products, they can ensure measurement accuracy and are not easily affected by the environment.
The development direction of modern textile testing technology:
(1) Modern textile testing technology is moving toward touch-face quality testing and evaluation- to-face
Economic development is a big trend, and we have gained many benefits from this wave, and in the overall development process of the world, thetechnology has also been widely shared. Modern textile testing technology has now evolved towards intelligence and automation, playing an important role in many testing situations. Manual participation is becoming less and less important. Therefore, test results are less subject to human intervention and test results are more accurate. It tends to be consistent and guarantees high accuracy. Therefore, we can use the test results to make certain predictions about the quality of the products processed and manufactured, so that we can predict the quality that will be encountered in the production process of certain products. Predicting and avoiding problems can not only improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, but also significantly improve product quality.
(2) Modern texttest technology is evolving towards multifunctionality
TheTraditional textile product testing only evaluates one attribute of the product, which not only consumes time and labor, but also involves a certain artificiality in a large number of test results. influencing factors. In modern textile testing technology, the manual operation factors in the testing process are simplified, and the impact of manual operation on test results is eliminated. Additionally, for product testing, several product attributes can be tested, such as density. , length and elongation at break, etc., and evolve in the direction of multifunction.
Furthermore, the Standard Group was established in 2003. Since its establishment, it has been committed to promoting textile material testing standards, providing comprehensive laboratory solutions for textile material testing and to provide quality inspection agencies and enterprises and scientific research institutesions with world\'s first-class instruments and testing equipment, first-class after-sales service and timely service provide no worries to customers. We adhere to the concept of professional, sincere, enthusiastic and professional service, are fully close to customer needs, and are highly recognized by customers.