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Definition of The Linear Abraser

Author: Released in:2017-12-06 Click:1033

The Linear Abraser can test specimens with different sizes and shapes, especially ideal for the abrasion test of specimens with contoured or polished surfaces , such as general plastics, automotive components, paint products, printing pattern, etc.

Definition of The Linear Abraser

The Linear Abraser uses a free-floating head to follow the contours of every sample, permitting testing of finished products. With virtually no limit on sample size or shape, the Linear Abraser is ideal for testing consumer products, automotive components, painted parts, printed graphics, optical products, rubber, leather, textiles and for use in testing laboratories.


With adjustable stroke length, speed, load and a wide selection of Taber attachments, the Linear Abraser allows you to customize test parameters to your exact needs. With accessories, the Linear Abraser can be used to perform scratch, coin scrape, crockmeter, rub, pencil hardness scratch, paperclip mar, chemical rub, wire scrape, plus other tests. An optional specimen table provides additional flexibility for securing samples.


The Linear Abraser abrades with a Wearaser. The size and shape of a pencil eraser, the Wearaser uses the same high-quality Taber abrasive media found in Taber’s world-famous wheels so you’re assured of consistent test results.