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Data Interpretation from Double Eleven Clothing and Home Textile Enterprises

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:34

The "Double Eleven" shopping spree is still going on. According to incomplete statistics, a number of listed clothing and home textile brands are at the forefront of their transaction value, with the transaction value of some of them exceeding 100 million. At the same time, the share of transactions from mobile terminals is increasing rapidly.

A number of brands are at the top of the pre-sale list

Tmall\'s pre-sale data shows that the pre-sale amount of many home textiles and clothing companies ranks high in all categories. Since the unit price of clothing and home textile products is much lower than that of home appliances and digital products, this shows that "Double Eleven" has a strong pull effect on clothing and home textile consumption.

According to the ranking of Tmall presale data from the third party, Zhenjing.com, Luolai Home Textile flagship store is at the top of the clothing category anda household textiles. Among all categories*12, the pre-sale amount exceeds 43 million, Fuanna*18, the pre-sale amount exceeds 28 million, and Mengjie Home Textile*22 the pre-sale amount exceeds 25 million.

According to data from JD.com, the apparel category grew strongly on November 11, with orders tripling over the same period last year. As of 4 p.m., the sales volume of men's and women's clothing and footwear products reached nearly 5 times the sales volume of the whole day last year.

Mobile shopping has become a "new favourite".

Statistics show that since the Tmall Double Eleven event started this year, the traffic of consumers visiting the Double Eleven location on the mobile terminal has almost doubled compared to the PC terminal, while the figure was only about 20% in previous years.

Zhang Yong, Operations Officer of Ali Group, said there are some changesngs will be during the 2014 Double Eleven Shopping Festival. The main point is that the shopping habits of wireless customers are gradually formed, and the proportion of wireless customer transactions continues to rise, reflecting the maturity of China\'s wireless shopping environment.

During this year\'s Double Eleven event, companies such as Luolai, Baiyuan Trousers and Jialinjie all launched targeted preferential activities. A related person from Luolai Home Textiles said that judging by this year\'s data, the share of transactions of the mobile terminal has increased from about 30% in previous years to about 50%, and it has already occupied \"half of the country\". The above-mentioned person pointed out that compared to the PC terminal, the mobile terminal provides a convenient and improved shopping experience. Consumers can take full advantage of the fragmented time to place orders through the mobile terminal, wwhich can further increase the transaction volume.

In addition to manufacturers and suppliers of system maintenance, e-commerce platforms are also a big winner in the new consumer behavior. Alibaba\'s financial report shows that the company\'s mobile terminal performance has grown rapidly for several consecutive quarters. In the third quarter of this year, the transaction volume of Alibaba\'s Chinese retail platform from the mobile terminal reached 199.054 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 263%. Alibaba\'s mobile terminal revenue reached 3.719 billion yuan, an annual increase of more than 10 times. The share of revenue from mobile terminals has increased from 3.8% in the same period of 2013 to 29.1% today. In the third quarter, the sales volume of Suning Yunshang mobile terminal increased by 442.67% year-on-year and 44.11% month-on-month, with average daily traffic exceeding 1.6 million and conversioneratio of more than 7%. And in the single month of September, mobile orders accounted for 24% of total orders.