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Contact angle meter functions

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:51

The contact angle measuring instrument has three snapshot modes: instant freezing, automatic continuous photography and high-speed photography, which can guarantee measurement even for volatile liquids.

At the same time, the outer tangent is a problem strongly influenced by subjective human factors. The geometric calculation is done in software, and the contact angle is no longer judged by humans.

Contact angle meter functions:

Static contact angle, dynamic contact angle (advance and retreat angles) and rolling liquid droplets and solid horn.

Analyze the surface energy of solid surfaces, as well as the composition and distribution of their polar and dispersive forces.

Contact angle and surface energy of single fiber samples.

Measuring the viscoelastic properties of the interface lliquid by the oscillating drop method, measure the surface relaxation, the loss and storage modulus and the surface viscosity of the surface of the surfactant and study the stability of emulsions and foams.

The measurement of the surface tension of liquids can be carried out under various conditions of temperature, humidity, pressure and other special conditions.

Options for the contact angle measuring instrument:

Optional manual titration system, direct sample injection is used for very difficult measurement samples, such as high viscosity, hard-to-clean samples.

High temperature titration control module, used for titration measurement of contact angle and surface tension of materials such as molten polymer and solder, with a temperature range up to 400°C.

Oscillating Drop Measurement Module:used for liquid interface viscoelasticity measurement, using small droplet high frequency oscillation method to measure surface relaxation, loss, storage modulus and surface viscosity of surfactants, study stability emulsions and foams.

The single-fiber titration control module can realize the measurement of the contact angle of fibers with a diameter of several microns.

The unique humidity control chamber can realize constant humidity control, and the humidity range is 5-95%.

PC software controlled multi-titration system, up to 8 automatic sampling systems.

Peltier electrically controlled heating and cooling module, temperature control range -30-160℃, super fast heating and cooling speed.

Electrical silicon wafer sampling console can select automably to measure the contact angle of 8 inch, 12 inch and other silicon wafers.