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Construction Supplies of the Heat Exchange Station Thermal Insulation Project

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Construction Essentials of Heat Exchange Station Insulation Project

Iron sheet insulation has been involved in various industries and this type of insulation sheet can be seen in every industry. can be seen everywhere in our lives. Therefore, the price of iron sheet insulation is slightly lower than other insulation materials in terms of price. Equipment insulation-reactor insulation-pipeline insulation equipment insulation-building insulation-tank insulation-metallurgical and chemical insulation The outer protective layer uses galvanized with a thickness of 0.3-0.6mm. The aluminum skin and steel color plate are formed by heat-resistant concave-convex groove edge press and rolled into a tube by anti-slip rounding machine to overlap each other and follow the direction of water flow. Mainly undertake: iron plate insulation construction, aluminum plate insulation construction, pipeline insulation construction, tank insulation construction, lng kold insulation construction, equipment pipeline insulation construction, rubber and plastic aluminum plate insulation construction, lng pipeline cold insulation construction, pipeline iron plate insulation, stainless steel insulation construction, corrugated board insulation construction, reactor insulation construction, rock wool pipe iron plate insulation. Iron sheet insulation is deeply protected by pipelines, tanks, autoclaves and reactors. Iron sheet insulation construction is a better choice. High quality iron sheet insulation manufacturers are located in Hebei. Hebei iron sheet insulation has been engaged in the construction of iron sheet insulation all these years. The manufacturer is constantly making progress, and the experience of the employees has become more and more abundant. The scope of thermal insulation construction that can be responsible is also getting wider. As a manufacturer of high quality iron sheet insulation structures. In general, the equipment and pipeline havethings that need thermal insulation construction need a very high working temperature or do they require a high working temperature, so the iron plate thermal insulation system can reduce the heat loss and at the same time the impact of the external low temperature environment on the equipment, so it can be greatly improved It reduces energy consumption and loss, bringing great economic benefits. The product is rich and soft. [Customer first, reputation first, and create brilliance together" is. Iron sheet insulation is commonly used in equipment and pipeline insulation projects. It refers to adding a layer of iron sheet outside the insulation material to achieve a better insulation effect. Construction and installation are extremely convenient, saving labor and materials, with an elegant and clean appearance.


Heat exchange station insulation projectInsulation material introduction:

(1) Fibrous insulation materials such as rock wool, glass wool, and aluminum silicate are only used in the process Play a role in insulation. This kind of thermal insulation material is effective at high temperature, which can effectively prevent the internal temperature loss of pipelines and equipment, reduce production costs for enterprises in various fields, and contribute to national energy conservation and environmental protection.This material can be used in a high temperature environment of 1200 ° for a long time without any change and influence

(2) Rubber and plastic sponge, polyurethane, high pressure polyethylene and other materials are used in the temperature range of -70 to 120°. Such materials use glue during construction Counter bonding can effectively isolate the outside air and prevent air from entering the interior to form condensation.This material is not only used in cold insulation projects, but also has excellent thermal insulation properties, and is also widely used in heating and outdoor piping and equipment that is afraid of freezing.


Heat Exchange Station Insulation Engineering Working on Pipeline Insulation Construction, Tank Insulation Construction, Iron Plate insulation construction, equipment insulation construction, etc., has more than 20 years of experience. All employees have rich experience in installation and advanced construction. We not only pay attention to quality, but also pay attention to the improvement of equipment. In the field of installation equipment, we are huge. In general, the equipment and pipelines that require thermal insulation construction have a very high working temperature or require a very high working temperature. Therefore, the iron sheet insulation system can dissipate heat, and at the same time, the external low temperature environment has an impact on the equipment, which greatly reduces the consumption and loss of energy, bringing great economic benefits and rich products. The production and installation equipment is constantly updated and adapted. Iron sheet insulation is commonly used in equipment and pipeline insulation projectsrefers to adding a layer of iron sheet outside the insulation material to achieve a better insulation effect. The construction and installation are extremely convenient, save labor and materials, elegant and clean appearance, good weather resistance and durability.