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Constant temperature and humidity tape retention testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:25

Product Introduction

It is suitable for testing the anti-blocking property of samples and testing of the tackiness of pressure sensitive tapes, static load test. In a simulated constant temperature and humidity environment, automatically count the time the tape can remain under the specified load to confirm tape aging. When the tape falls off the steel plate, the timer automatically maintains the test time to avoid the high ambient temperature. Persistence of adhesive tape adhesion.

Test application:Suitable for stickiness testing of various adhesive products, such as pressure-sensitive tape, medical patch, adhesive label, protective film, etc.

Product features: It can simulate different environmental conditions, such as high temperature and high humidity, high temperature and lowhumidity, low temperature and high humidity, high temperature, low temperature, etc., and is equipped with a high-precision program design control that is easy to operate and learn. And a fixed-point operating system to provide the best testing environment.

Test principle: Hang the test plate with the glue sample vertically on the test frame, hang the weight of the specified weight at the lower end, and stick the sample after a certain The degree of displacement, or the time it takes for the sample to completely release is used to characterize the ability of the adhesive sample to resist pulling.

Sampling requirements: 70mm×25mm (length×width)

Result assessment: After a certain time tape slips down or tape measure sticks around.

Standard Compliance:

The instrument complies with a number of national en international standards: CNS-11887, 11888, PSTC-7, GB/T 4851 , GB 4851, ASTM D3654, JIS Z0237

Technical parameters

Instrument model: FLR-107A Constant temperature and humidity tape retention tester

Test fixtures: 3 groups, 5 groups (individually timed)

Load weights: 3.5 1 kg, (or specified)

Test steel plate: thickness 1.5mm~2.0mm, width 40~50mm, length 60~125mm,

Timer: 3 groups, 5 groups, electronic liquid crystal display, automatic retention time, 99999.9 hours

Temperature range: -20~150℃, -40~150℃, -60~150℃ (optional)

Humidity range: 20~98% RH

Temperature display: 0.1℃

Heating method: hot and cold air circulation

Safety device: equipped with automatic power-off protection when overheating and electrical thermal overload

Machine material: internal SUS #304 stainless steel plate, external mesh stainless steel SUS#304

Afinner box measurement: (L×W×H) 40×40×50cm

Outer dimensions: (L×W×H) 100×88×170cm

Weight: 215kg

Power supply: 1∮, AC220V,

Constant temperature and humidity tape retention testing machineMaintenance:

1. Cleaning : at any time Keep the machine clean and wipe the machine with a cotton cloth before and after each use to keep it clean.

2. Anti-rust: Spray anti-rust oil on the metal part of the machine surface once a week (wipe off after 2 hours of spraying).

3. Lubricating oil: Regularly add lubricant to the transmission parts (such as screw) of the machine monthly (you can choose ordinary lubricating oil).

4. Maintenance: Regularly check that the buttons on the control panel work normally