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Coating Scratch Resistance Tester/Taber 551 Scratch Resistance Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:26

Coating Scratch Resistance Tester/Taber 551 Scratch Resistance Tester is mainly used for testing and evaluation of Anodized Materials, Rigid Organic Materials, Powder Coating, Shear, Scratch, Gouge, scratch and engraving resistance of materials such as soft metals, plastics, glass and paint adhesives.


Comply with standard:
GB/T17657-1999, ISO 4586-2, JIS K6902, Federal series standards, Terrazzo 90322-9E-1, UNI 9428 suit rniture, AS/NZS AS2924.2, ASTM C217, CEN series standards, DIN 53 799, DIN 68 861-4

Main application:
Coating scratch resistance tester/taber The 551 scratch resistance tester is mainly used to improve the sliding, scratching, gouging, scraping and engraving properties of anodized materials, rigid organic materials, powder coatings, soft metals, plastics, glass and coating lijmen to test and evaluate.

Main parameters:
1. Input voltage: 220V/50Hz
2. Control system: PLC + touch screen
3. Driving mode: step controlled by motor
4. Scratching speed: 0-25mm/s (adjustable)
5. Number of tests: 0-9999 times can be preset
6. Test accuracy: ±2%
7. Work surface: 360° rotatable
8. Scratch pressure: 10N±0.5N
9. Scratch length: MAX 200mm (adjustable)
10. Translation distance: MAX 200mm (adjustable )
11. Scratch distance: 1-19mm (adjustable)
12. Scratching speed: 20mm/s ± 5mm/s (adjustable)
13. Scratching stylus: Hardened steel needle, tapered end, cone tip angle 40 degrees radius of curvature 0.25mm ± 0.02mm (replaceable)

14. Scratching angle : the moving plane of the scratcher is perpendicular to the surface of the sample Wipe in a forward direction with an angle of inclination of 80 degrees or 85 degrees (replaceable)

Coating Scratch Resistance Tester/taber 551 Scratch Resistance Tester Main features:
1. Before loading the sample, the beam should be set to the appropriate level according to the thickness of the sample Height, the precision cutting tool is installed on the beam and placed on the sample.
2. Start the instrument and the turntable rotates at a constant speed to ensure accurate measurement results. By changing the load on the cutting tool, the shear or scratch resistance of the material can be evaluated.
3. The beam design of the instrument allows it to be level with the sample and turntable, and can be raised or lowered according to actual needs.
4. The scale bar can also be lifted and suspended in the air to assist the operator in removing the sample. By changing the position of the sliding weight, the total load on the sample can be adjusted in the range of 0 -1000g.
5. cutting toolsand can choose to use tungsten carbide tools or cone burs. 6. The test results can be visually judged through the 10 times magnifying glass equipped with the machine, and the user can also use a high-precision optical microscope to observe.
7. Simple operation, easy to move, can test 1/2 to 4 thick square or round materials. 8. It can also be used to test the adhesive quality of the same material, the protective coating and the limit performance of similar materials.

Service Warranty:
1. Outside the warranty period, our company's technical personnel will make no less than three repeat visits per year to examine user usage;
2. Service principle: fast, decisive, accurate, considerate and efficient;
3. Service purpose: service quality to win customer satisfaction;
4. Service efficiency: if the equipment breaks downduring the warranty period or outside the warranty period, the supplier will respond immediately. After notification, the maintenance staff will provide a solution within 24 hours.