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Cause analysis of Puxu BUSCH vacuum pump jammed

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:34

The Puxu BUSCH vacuum pump is stuck or the vacuum is insufficient, please contact the professional manufacturer immediately to solve the problem for you, and replace the vacuum pump accessories if necessary. You may not find a small one for this kind of imported vacuum pump maintenance, repair manufacturers, if not done properly, will lose more cost and time.
This month, for a customer in Guangdong, our company solved the problem of Puxu vacuum pump due to insufficient vacuum and jammed pump. The main reason is to replace the accessories of Puxu vacuum pump and carry out repairs and maintenance.
The reasons for the damage to the vapump are as follows:

1. The inlet check valve of Puxu vacuum pump is damaged: the vacuum pump and oil are sucked out by other vacuum pumps, causing the pump to run without oil or the oil level is insufficient, as a result The blades are badly worn and stuck on the rotor;
2. Replacement of the air outlet check valve, oil seal, gasket and seal kit is due to the vacuum pump Long-term use in high temperature environments causes aging and hardening, so it must be replaced during maintenance or repair;

3. Due to the wear of the blades, it will also damage the cylinder during use and the cylinder will have different degrees of grinding grooves. Because the cylinder has grinding grooves, the bearings will loosen slowly, and the connection with the bushing will not be good, so that the bushing has grinding grooves, causing the pump to leak oil, so the bearing and bushing must be replaced.

In short, everyone should buy a vacuum pump Perform reasonable maintenance and maintenance work to reduce the damage to the Puxu vacuum pump.