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Car Seat Vibration and Fatigue Test Bench أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:21

Car Seat Fatigue and Vibration Test Bench

This test bench carries out vibration fatigue testing on car seats in accordance with GB15083-2006 \"Strength requirements and testing methods of car seats\" and adopts electric servo control. High-frequency vibrations can be obtained to test the dynamic stiffness, natural frequency and damping of car seats to study the durability and comfort of car seats.

Main technical parameters
1. Maximum test force: 1500 N;
2. Test force measurement accuracy: ±0.5%;
3. Actuator travel: 200 mm;
4. Speed ​​of the vibrating table: 1.5 m/s;
6. Working frequency: 0.1-20 Hz;
4. Deformation (displacement) measurement accuracy: The measurement accuracy is ±0.5 of the indication value %;
5. All sensors have a self-identification function and theSensor measurement is adjusted manually and automatically;
6. Dynamic test waveform: can be planned according to national standards and user requirements;
7. The full load range is not divided into gears;
9. Servo motor control;
10. Test software: It can realize displacement control and load control respectively, and can set the displacement limit and load limit at the same time. Realize different functional options such as stopping the actuator at the limit position, returning to the original position and unloading when the travel limit or load limit is reached. The interface adopts virtual panel technology, which makes it easier to set test parameters and operation mode. The fully digital display of several technical quantities such as test force, displacement (deformation), etc., and several channels can becan independently perform measurement, display and control tasks in parallel. Print data results and extract test results as a file. The load calibration method is simple and easy to use;
11. The measurement and control system adopts template design, high integration and easy maintenance;
12. It has the function of adjusting multiple tiple module fatigue tests;
13, with intelligent protection against overload, fracture, displacement and other safety measures.