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Best Example Of Abrasives

Author:QINSUN Released in:2019-11 Click:888

An abrasive is simply a hard material, usually with sharp edges that abrades, or mechanically removes material by rapidly wearing it away when it is rubbed against it. Sand paper is a classic application of an abrasive where abrasive particles are bonded to paper so when a piece of material like wood is rubbed with it, the wood is smoothed by the abrasion of the sandpaper.

Abrasives are are used in a wide range of domestic, industrial and technological applications.Bonded Abrasives are an abrasive material contained within a matrix. Bonded Abrasives are required to be dressed after they are used.
A coated abrasive is an abrasive fixed on to a form of backing material like paper, metal, rubber, resin, cloth and polyester. Sandpaper is a best example of coated abrasive.Super Abrasives are one of a group of relatively expensive but effective materials possessing superior hardness and abrasion resistance.Burs are generally small in size used for fine machining and precision operations.
There are many materials that are used as abrasives, and many ways they are used. Four examples might be more simple, like:

Aluminum oxide;
Industrial diamond;
There are many others…

There are many applications for abrasives, here are four for example:

Grinding wheels
Grinding stones
Sand blasting media
There are many others….